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Jeff Bezos

July 20, 2010 | By Shan Li, Los Angeles Times
There's more evidence that digital books are upending the publishing industry. Internet retailer Inc. says it is now selling 80% more downloaded books than hardbacks. Amazon's download format is for its Kindle electronic reader as well as other devices. "The Kindle format has now overtaken the hardcover format," said Jeff Bezos, Amazon's chief executive, in a statement. "Astonishing when considering that we've been selling hardcover books for 15 years and Kindle books for 33 months."
October 14, 2010 | By Amy Kaufman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
IMDb founder and Chief Executive Col Needham is a confessed movie nerd. Growing up in Manchester, England, his earliest memories were formed in movie theaters -- seeing "Star Wars" when it was released in 1977, he recalled, when the cinema was "so full that people had to sit in the aisles. " So when at age 12 he got his first computer -- a do-it-yourself kit -- he began using the new technology to keep track of the movies he had seen. "I'd be watching movies and would notice all of these connections between films.
December 3, 2013 | By Michael Hiltzik founder Jeff Bezos staged a technology demonstration over the weekend, aiming to show how quickly a half-baked idea with several years of obstacles ahead of it could garner fawning attention from the news media. Answer: about two nanoseconds. The idea is for the delivery of Amazon orders by little unmanned copters, or drones. Bezos calls it "Amazon Prime Air. " The judges are still conferring, but Bezos is expected to have lowered the previous record, set by Elon Musk of Tesla Motors in August with his proposal for a "hyperloop" rapid transit system between Northern and Southern California.  Hyperloop enthralled techno-fans and not a few credible transportation experts before fading out of public consciousness, a few days after flaring into press.
April 26, 2001 | Associated Press
The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the timing of a stock sale by Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, the company confirmed. Spokesman Bill Curry said Bezos has responded to the SEC's request for information about the sale of 800,000 shares of stock worth roughly $12 million. He declined to say what information the commission was seeking. Bezos filed documents Feb. 2 and Feb. 5 saying he intended to sell the stock. On Feb. 6, a Lehman Bros.
April 27, 2000 | From Bloomberg News Inc. founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has bought the top floor of an apartment building on New York's Central Park West for about $7.5 million, according to a person familiar with the situation. Bezos bought out all the apartment owners on the floor and plans to create one large residence in the building, at 25 Central Park West between 62nd and 63rd streets. Officials at Corcoran Group, which brokered the transaction, declined to comment. Bezos wasn't available for comment.
June 29, 2000 | Joseph Menn founder Jeff Bezos said that his company, the largest Internet retailer, will generate cash flow from operations in the rest of the year and that it therefore runs no risk of running out of money. Answering audience questions after speaking at a computer trade show in New York, Bezos said the Seattle company's U.S. bookselling business was profitable in the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of 2000. And he said that the combined U.S.
December 2, 2013 | Paul Whitefield
There's a lot of buzz Monday about - specifically, its plan to deliver packages by drone. Amazon already has a name for the service : Prime Air. It also has a video showing how it works. Which is pretty good, considering what it doesn't have is the, you know, actual service itself . That's a few years off, company founder Jeff Bezos admitted in an interview Sunday on “60 Minutes” in which he unveiled the drone idea. But hey, it's the future. The Pony Express was pretty advanced for its day too. And I'm sure that someone then said, “But where are we going to get all those horses?
September 30, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
As if Silicon Valley's relationship to the whole National Security Agency spying-on-the-Internet thing wasn't awkward enough.  Now someone has placed a slogan on a billboard over Highway 101 near South San Francisco that reads: "Your data should belong to the NSA. " Review: iPhone 5s is a great phone, but is it right for you? [Video]   Guessing the identity of the organization or person behind the sign has become one of Silicon Valley's favorite parlor games in recent days.  Of course, it's possible that despite creepy, Big Brother-ish overtones, that it's the NSA itself just trying to get some good marketing.  Others have wondered, could it be the work of Michael Arrington, erstwhile blogger-turned-venture-capitalist-turned conscience of Silicon Valley?
August 6, 2013 | By Joe Flint
After the coffee. Before feeling like I'm back in college with a term paper due.  The Skinny: Remember pulling all-nighters in college? Well that's what I'll be doing tonight. But that's later, so for now we'll focus on the day's headlines which includes more on the CBS-Time Warner Cable fight and Sony's message to a pesky shareholder. Also Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post.  Daily Dose:  Over the next few days, analysts will no doubt start trying to put a dollar figure on the CBS-Time Warner Cable fight.
February 1, 2012 | By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times
Despite strong sales of its Kindle devices during the holidays, Inc.'s fourth-quarter earnings missed expectations, sending the online retail giant's shares plunging in after-hours trading Tuesday. Amazon, whose shares rose $2.29, or 1.2%, to $194.44 in regular trading, reported its results after the markets closed. Its shares quickly fell more than 9% to $176.58 in after-hours trading. The Seattle e-commerce company said sales for the three months that ended Dec. 31 rose 35% year over year to $17.4 billion, which fell far short of what Wall Street analysts had expected.
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