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Jeff Bezos

April 5, 2013 | By E. Scott Reckard
The Securities and Exchange Commission may have booted Henry Blodget off Wall Street, but the former Merrill Lynch & Co. Internet analyst has attracted some big fans for Business Insider Inc., which he co-founded in 2007.  A major endorsement for the online news site landed this week in the form of $5 million -- venture capital rounded up by Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos.  “Jeff's leadership, vision and philosophy at...
April 7, 2012 | By Amy Martinez
SEATTLE - founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos is putting a chunk of his fortune - estimated at $18 billion - toward more out-of-the-box ventures. He created a private aerospace company called Blue Origin in 2000 with an aim to make space travel more affordable, and he's spending millions to build a clock that's supposed to last 10,000 years in the desert wilderness of West Texas. Since 2010, NASA has committed nearly $26 million for Kent, Wash.-based Blue Origin, which is competing with Boeing and two other companies to create a new generation of vehicles that can take U.S. astronauts to the international space station.
July 19, 2013 | By Carolyn Kellogg
When not running Amazon, what does CEO Jeff Bezos do? Go looking for NASA's garbage. On Friday, Bezos confirmed that his team had retrieved the Apollo 11 No. 5 engine from the ocean floor on a mission in March. That was what they had hoped, but with the pieces stamped with serial numbers missing or corroded after decades under 14,000 feet of seawater, they weren't sure if idenfitication was possible. Now there is specific evidence that this hunk of metal is of the engine that first sent man to the moon.
July 27, 2012 | By Michael Muskal
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos  and his wife, MacKenzie, have given $2.5 million to fund efforts in the state of Washington to legalize same-sex marriage, effectively doubling the current electoral war chest of proponents. The gift was announced by Washington United for Marriage, the coalition working to pass Referendum 74 in November. It's believed to be the largest individual gift “to secure or protect the freedom to marry,” the group said in a statement released on its website.
March 28, 2012 | By Andrea Chang
Ever wonder what kind of random hobbies you'd take up if you were a billionaire? Well, for  founder and CEO Jeff Bezos -- worth $18.4 billion according to Forbes -- it's about tracking down old rocket engines. Did we mention they're buried in the ocean? The 48-year-old self-made billionaire said Wednesday on his blog, appropriately called Bezos Expeditions , that he was “excited to report” that his team of “undersea pros” had found the engines that helped launch the Apollo 11 mission.
August 5, 2013 | By Andrea Chang
In a surprise move, Amazon founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has agreed to buy the Washington Post and other properties for $250 million. The deal is being made by Bezos alone, without involvement from Seattle-based Amazon. Donald Graham, chairman and CEO of Washington Post Co., said the board of directors decided to sell the company's newspaper publishing business "only after years of familiar newspaper-industry challenges made us wonder if there might be another owner who would be better for the Post.
December 2, 2013 | By Andrea Chang
Delivery drones are on their way. on Sunday introduced Prime Air , a futuristic delivery system that the company says will get packages into customers' hands in half an hour or less, delivered via unmanned aerial vehicles. The online retail behemoth posted a video on its website that shows images of a recent Prime Air test flight. In the 80-second clip, which you can watch below, a shopper buys an item on Amazon. The item is then placed into a plastic yellow Amazon container and picked up at the end of a conveyor belt by an Amazon drone, which takes off and soars over a grassy field before depositing the package with a thud outside the shopper's doorstep.
March 21, 2008 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports Inc. in Seattle apologized to buyers who had to wait as long as six weeks to receive the Kindle electronic reading device. sold out of Kindle devices in 5 1/2 hours after they went on sale in November and has been trying to increase manufacturing capacity, Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said.
February 27, 2002 | Bloomberg News Inc. founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos sold 2.95 million shares in the Internet retailer, under a program of selling the stock at fixed intervals. The shares were worth $38.6 million at Friday's closing price. Including the most recent sales, Bezos has sold less than 5% of his holdings in the company. Bezos last year adopted a plan that commits him to selling company stock at fixed intervals. Amazon stock rose 67 cents to $14.40 on Nasdaq.
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