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Jeff Cohen

October 31, 1998
* Dana Phares, director of academic affairs at the Consulate of Israel in Los Angeles, will discuss her path to Judaism and her life in Israel at Temple Etz Chaim's Shabbat evening service Nov. 13. The public is welcome to the service, to be conducted by Rabbi Shimon Paskow and Hazzan Jeff Cohen. An reception will follow the service. The temple is at 1080 Janss Road in Thousand Oaks. For more information, call 497-6891.
June 13, 2001 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Crews are working around the clock to erect two temporary dams on the State Water Project's South Bay Aqueduct to fix a leak that threatens the water supply for 2 million Bay Area residents. State engineers pumped 55 cubic yards of concrete through the aqueduct lining to control the 1,000-gallons-per-minute outflow from the 29-foot-deep leak, state Department of Water Resources spokesman Jeff Cohen said Monday. The leak on the 40-foot-wide, concrete-lined aqueduct was discovered June 5.
March 3, 2004 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A series of heavy winter storms last week has piled Sierra snow to above-normal depths, with a month remaining to build the snowpack on which California relies for much of its water and hydroelectricity. Snow depth in the northern Sierra Nevada range -- from Mt. Shasta to the Feather River -- was at 141% of normal, the equivalent of 3 feet of liquid awaiting the spring thaw. "That's a lot of water," said Jeff Cohen, a spokesman for the state Department of Water Resources.
January 15, 2000
Hmm. If The Times did not have a liberal bias, would someone from the "highly conservative" Media Research Center have the pleasure of an interview in its pages as Jeff Cohen of FAIR received ("A Watchdog's Bark and Bite," by Howard Rosenberg, Dec. 27)? If Rosenberg believes that unlike him, we are here to demand only our opinions are aired, why would he publish only Cohen's, when he admitted a few days later, "I agree with him on nearly all issues regarding media"? TIM GRAHAM Director of media analysis Media Research Center Alexandria, Va.
April 14, 1998 | SCOTT HADLY
A somber remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust is scheduled for April 24 at Temple Etz Chaim in Thousand Oaks. The Sabbath service will include a talk by Adelle Chabelski, who until recently served as president of Second Generation, an international organization of the sons and daughters of Holocaust survivors. Chabelski's work also includes videotaping more than 40,000 Holocaust survivors as part of a project for Steven Spielberg's Survivors of Shoah Visual History Foundation.
February 28, 2002 | From Associated Press
The crucial Sierra Nevada snowpack has slipped below normal after an above-average early winter, according to a survey Wednesday by the California Department of Water Resources. Snow levels dropped to about 90% of normal due to dry periods during the last two months. But the snowpack that feeds reservoirs and hydroelectricity plants is still far deeper than last year, when accumulations about a third less than normal aggravated the state's electricity crisis.
April 12, 2000
Re "Democrats Suffer From Bad Case of Clintonism," Commentary, April 9: Jeff Cohen is wrong. The rank-and-file Democrats are extremely pleased with Bill Clinton and Al Gore (despite the latter's Elian misstep). Tired of being falsely boxed in as "tax and spend," soft on crime, etc., Clinton and Gore have fought out of these boxes, and politics will never be the same. The Republicans won in 1994 because they successfully smeared Clinton with a bunch of bull called Whitewater, plain and simple.
April 11, 1988
In his column about Mikhail Gorbachev's difficulties in dealing with nationalist aspirations in the Soviet Union (Op-Ed Page, March 22), Dmitri Shalin writes, "The Second Communist International broke down in 1914. . . ." This is imprecise. The first and only "Communist International"--sometimes referred to as the COMINTERN--was not formed until 1919. Shalin is referring to the Second Socialist International. While the movement sputtered in 1914 when the leaders of various socialist and social democratic parties succumbed to nationalism and joined their governments' efforts in World War I, it still exists today under the name--"Socialist International"--and is led by current and former heads-of-state such as Willy Brandt of West Germany, Felipe Gonzalez of Spain and Michael Manley of Jamaica.
June 9, 2000
Re "Limbaugh Is Not Ready for Prime Time," by Jeff Cohen and Steve Rendall, Commentary, June 7: I found the article on Rush Limbaugh and Monday Night Football to be one of the most misleading and misconstrued pieces I have ever read. It is true that Limbaugh has made fun of all the people and groups mentioned. However, he made fun of them because of their liberal positions and not because of their color. Let's look at some facts. Rush and Marta Limbaugh were married by Clarence Thomas.
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