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June 8, 2008 | T.J. SIMERS
BOSTON -- The other day Kobe Bryant was saying he just "missed some bunnies" in the first game of the NBA Finals, or as Chick Hearn would've been telling us, "Marge could have made those shots." It doesn't seem so long ago, but it will be six years this week, Chick doing his final Lakers broadcast after 42 years behind the microphone, a championship-clinching victory over the New Jersey Nets. Two months later a fall in his backyard led to his death.
July 23, 1986 | United Press International
A federal grand jury Tuesday indicted a 21-year-old man on charges that he falsely claimed Jell-O products had been poisoned with cyanide. Norman Mark Allen was charged with two counts of communicating false information concerning consumer products being tampered with, an FBI spokesman said. No hearing date was set.
May 28, 2001 | MIKE PENNER
With the Lakers on their way to their third consecutive playoff sweep Sunday, Chick Hearn finally came clean. Yes, Chick admitted, he has lost a step. Derek Fisher had just lobbed an easy assist to an unguarded Shaquille O'Neal, so easy that Stu Lantz was laughing as he mused to Hearn, "You could make that pass." Lantz was joking, of course, but once again, his intended punch line wound up merely a straight line for Hearn, who responded with a very skeptical, very dubious, "W-e-l-l . . .
April 18, 1991 | STEVEN RAICHLEN, Raichlen is a Boston cooking school teacher and food writer. and
Remember tofu? The bland, curdy stuff that looks like albino Jell-O, beloved by your vegetarian friends? If you think that bean curd is only for Asians and health food fanatics, it's time to look again. Tofu is turning up at mainstream markets and top restaurants. My local supermarket recently began carrying tofu with Chinese spices and even one with French herbs. There's good reason for tofu's new-found popularity.
Nolan Ryan has pitched seven no-hitters in his career, but his fondest memory in baseball is of hearing Larry Andersen belch the entire national anthem. Dennis Eckersley may be the finest relief pitcher in baseball, but there was no better time in his life than when he and Andersen were roommates--in the back of a pickup truck.
February 10, 2008 | Charlotte Allen, Charlotte Allen is the author of "The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus."
A year after Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) became speaker of the House, the legislative landscape has not changed all that much because many of her most ambitious goals -- winding down the war in Iraq and rolling back key provisions of President Bush's tax cuts -- have not been met.
January 25, 1998 | RICHARD DOOLING, Richard Dooling's new novel, "Brain Storm" is due out in April from Random House
Question: Have you ever smoked marijuana? Answer: When I was in England, I never once violated the drug laws of this country. Q: Have you ever had an extramarital affair? A: I have caused pain in my marriage. Q: Did you participate in the looting of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan? A: The money in my billfold was obtained by legal means. Q: Have you ever groped or fondled a female White House employee?
August 5, 2002 | Chris Dufresne
Doctors say Chick Hearn has probably called his last Laker game. It's probably true, yet we hold hope that Chick's fairy-tale career has not been put in the refrigerator. Can't we keep the door open a crack and the light on? Don't let the eggs cool. Don't let the butter get hard. The longer Hearn taunts time the longer we can pretend nothing's changed when we know everything has.
A few years ago, a lobbyist offered to help state Rep. Carol Donovan visit the big, four-smokestacked factory off Route 93, a few miles north of Boston. But when Donovan appeared as scheduled, she was told she would not be given a tour. All she saw was the inside of a conference room. "If there's nothing going on, why are they so protective, and why are they keeping everyone out, and why are they so suspicious?" she asked. "It makes me suspicious of what's going on." What is going on is not nuclear fission or top-secret weaponry.
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