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January 22, 2006
Re "The right way to reform," Opinion, Jan. 19 Jonah Goldberg repeats a lie that's going to be repeated a whole lot more in this election year, namely that the Democrats are "vexed" because they are "lacking any other ideas." GOP corruption and incompetence deserve to be screamed about. Operating secret torture chambers is certainly a new idea in this country, but is it a good one? The Democrats have the same ideas they've had for many years: fairness and opportunity for the little guy, protection for the environment, national healthcare, development of alternative energy sources, the rule of civil law, the separation of church and state, checks and balances.
June 27, 1995
The suburban Mecca of Monrovia is living up to its motto: "Gem City of the Foothills." Over the weekend, the city of 38,000 was named one of 10 All-American Cities by the National Civic League. "It's absolutely fabulous," said Mayor Robert T. Bartlett, who was among Monrovia's 36 delegates who packed their bags to attend the finals in Cleveland. "This is confirmation from the rest of the nation we're on the right track in Monrovia and all our efforts are worthwhile."
August 4, 2006
Re "Pit Bulls Out of the Doghouse," Column One, Aug. 3 The problem with pit bulls -- at least purebreds -- is that they don't recognize anyone or anything else as being "alpha." That means you, your kids, other dogs, grizzly bears or charging rhinos. They seem to believe, much as humans do, that they stand at the zenith of evolution. They're wonderful, sweet dogs until the day they aren't. When that day comes, you'd better have a gun on your hip. ROBERT BORDEN Jemez Springs, N.M. I have had four pit bulls over the years -- all wonderfully amusing and loving pets.
October 12, 2003 | Ed Stockly, Times Staff Writer
Jemez, N.M. IT was sundown, and the elk were active. We rounded a turn, startling a magnificent pair of bucks, each sporting enormous antlers. They crisscrossed the road ahead as if they were leading us down the slope into the Valle Grande, the largest of several valleys that lie among the volcanic domes of Valles Caldera National Preserve. We stopped at the edge of the wide valley to watch them descend. Below we could see at least 1,000 elk scattered in herds across the meadows.
A priest who was convicted of molesting four altar boys at his Huntington Beach church several years ago has been arrested in New Mexico on suspicion of child molestation, authorities said Wednesday. Andrew Christian Andersen was arrested in Albuquerque, N.M., on suspicion of child molestation, assault and kidnaping, police said. Albuquerque Police Sgt. John Sanchez said Andersen allegedly forced a teen-age boy into his vehicle, assaulted him and attempted to sodomize him.
July 25, 1998
Two riders have broken out in front a little more than 30 hours into the the Race Across America bicycle race. Gerry Tatrai of Australia held the overall lead at the ninth time station, in Cutter, Ariz. He passed through the town, which is 557 miles into the 2,900-mile race, at 5:40 p.m. Friday. Seana Hogan of San Jose remained in second but was 1 hour six minutes back. She was 12 minutes off the lead near the end of the first day.
February 7, 2007 | Peter Y. Hong, Times Staff Writer
A Los Angeles judge Tuesday ordered the release of secret church files on a late Orange County priest convicted of molesting children, ruling the documents show that "priests with known sexual proclivities have been handed off from one location to another without regard to the potential harm" to children. Superior Court Judge Peter D.
January 9, 1993 | From Associated Press
A Roman Catholic religious order reported that the Rev. James Porter "could have a fine future ahead of him" while acknowledging problems with his rehabilitation as a pedophile, according to documents provided by an attorney representing four alleged victims. Attorney Bruce Pasternack, who represents four men who allege that they were molested by Porter during the 1960s when they were boys, said he obtained the documents from attorneys representing the Servants of the Paraclete center.
December 24, 1998 | STEVE HARVEY
Lee Harris of Burbank saw an alcoholic holiday beverage that was obviously tailored for Southern California imbibers. Its name: Smogg Nog. (Smogg Nog Alert: Don't drink too much or everything will look hazy. Well, hazier.) * MARTHA'S NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS! Betty Laslo of Palm Springs notes that the ever-fastidious Martha Stewart would be horrified to see a typo in her cookie recipe that lists "flower" as one of the ingredients (see accompanying).
November 25, 1986 | JERRY HICKS, Times Staff Writer
A Roman Catholic priest convicted on 26 counts of molesting four altar boys was sentenced Monday to five years' probation on the condition that he complete treatment at a live-in, church-run therapy program in New Mexico. After the ruling by Orange County Superior Court Judge Luis A. Cardenas, Father Andrew Christian Andersen, 34, who was in charge of the altar boys at St.
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