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"I Know What You Did Last Summer" isn't the virtuoso work that "Scream," also written by Kevin Williamson, was. Nor is it as nonstop frightening. But it is fun, energetic and fairly scary. Its four young stars have exceptional poise and promise, and their presence contributes strongly to the film's enjoyment, as does the film's setting, a charming old North Carolina coastal community. It's the Fourth of July, and the four have recently graduated from high school.
May 27, 2009 | Greg Braxton
Hart Hanson, executive producer of "Bones," has almost everything a show runner could want -- a hit series with a hot leading man and woman, praise from critics and a loyal and growing fan base. But one day a year, Hansen laments what he hasn't got. On those annual mid-July mornings when the nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards are announced, Hanson always hopes to see his show among the list of award contenders. And he is almost always let down.
"Time of Your Life" isn't. It's amiable enough, though, throwing an enormous post-"Party of Five" spotlight on Jennifer Love Hewitt as 20-year-old Sarah Merrin, all fresh and dewy in cynical New York, where she has ventured in hopes of picking up the trail of her biological father and finding out about her birth mother.
December 7, 1997 | David Kronke
Except for Courteney Cox, who stars in "Scream" and "Scream 2" with Neve Campbell, the cast members of "Friends" haven't conquered the multiplexes as convincingly as they have television or as decisively as they were expected to. Instead, the hot young TV cast seems to belong to "Party of Five," the smart soap that soft-pedals the travails of its telegenic characters and took its sweet time to evolve into a hit on Fox. But a hit it now is, and the big screen is beckoning to its stars.
June 15, 2013 | By Matt Cooper
Customized TV Listings are available here: Click here to download TV listings for the week of June 16 - 22, 2013 in PDF format This week's TV Movies   SUNDAY Talk shows, morning shows, game shows, kids shows, cooking shows and soap operas (they still have those?) are celebrated at "The 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards. " 5 p.m. HLN If you visit Las Vegas for the express purpose of meeting beautiful women, well, there'll be 51 more of them in town taking part in the "2013 Miss USA Competition.
August 21, 2013 | By Nardine Saad
It seems as though John Mayer and Katy Perry have little to hide about their relationship this time around. The "Roar" pop vixen let out a tweet Monday gushing over her "incredible" and "inspiring" singer-boyfriend ahead of the Tuesday release of his latest album, "Paradise Valley. " And she continued to jockey her more than 41.2 million followers toward buying it. "Something VERY special is happening @ midnight EST tonight on ITUNES!" she tweeted . "My incredible, inspiring boyfriend @JohnMayer will release a... Spectacular record called, PARADISE VALLEY check it out here: my favorite track is #6!
June 7, 1998 | Steven Smith, Steven Smith is a frequent contributor to Calendar
In Columbia Pictures' teen comedy "Can't Hardly Wait," an all-night graduation party becomes a raucous rite of passage, as sensitive romantics, would-be homeboys, geeks, jocks, and misunderstood dream girls find their true hearts faster than you can say "American Graffiti meets Clueless."
March 22, 1998 | Steve Pond Renee Vogel..AU: Gregg Kilday and Dave Gardetta and Renee Vogel
Angelina Jolie She's got the bloodlines, though you can't tell from her last name. She's had the breakthrough roles, though you won't have seen them if you restrict your moviegoing to the local multiplex. But Angelina Jolie, daughter of Jon Voight and the star of HBO's "Gia," TNT's "George Wallace" and the Rolling Stones video for "Anybody Seen My Baby," has parlayed exposure in unconventional outlets into a serious Hollywood buzz.
June 7, 2011 | Patrick Goldstein, Los Angeles Times
If you love movies, nothing is more fun than going to Rotten Tomatoes , the film review aggregation site, and seeing what films have worked and which ones haven't. The data offer endless possibilities for mischief and enlightenment. A couple of years ago I kept a running tab on every film released by 20th Century Fox, seeing how long the studio could go without distributing a film that actually topped the 50 fresh rating mark at Rotten Tomatoes. More recently, someone at the Marginal Revolution economics blog composed a graph of all of the Rotten Tomatoes scores for Night Shyamalan's films, starting with "The Sixth Sense" and ending with "The Last Airbender.
August 24, 2012 | By Lauren Beale, Los Angeles Times
The whispering about town is that "Ghost Whisperer" star Jennifer Love Hewitt has listed a house in Toluca Lake for sale at $2.895 million and is trying to lease out another house she owns up the street. The traditional-style house for sale was built in 1952. It features a flexible floor plan, an office, six bedrooms, six bathrooms and 5,921 square feet of living space. The quarter-acre site includes a swimming pool and a patio with a built-in bar. Public records show the property was purchased in 1998 for $1.695 million.
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