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Jesse Helms

November 5, 1990 | Associated Press
Supporters of Sen. Jesse Helms and challenger Harvey Gantt filed assault complaints against each other Sunday after a confrontation at a rally Saturday for the Republican incumbent. No injuries or arrests were reported.
November 2, 1999 | From Times Wire Reports
Sen. Jesse Helms postponed his Foreign Relations Committee's hearing on former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun's ambassadorial nomination, saying the Clinton administration had not provided promised Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service documents. It was the latest round of maneuvering between the North Carolina Republican and the administration about the Illinois Democrat, who has been nominated to be the U.S. ambassador to New Zealand.
June 11, 2002 | From Associated Press
Sen. Jesse Helms moved from a hospital to a rehabilitation facility Monday to continue his recovery from heart surgery, his chief of staff said. Chief of staff Jimmy Broughton said the 80-year-old senator was moved to a center in northern Virginia, where he is expected to remain at least several weeks. Helms (R-N.C.) had an operation April 25 to replace a worn-out pig valve implanted in his heart 10 years ago.
May 8, 1996 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt swept aside political newcomer Charlie Sanders in the racially charged Democratic primary, setting up a rematch with Republican Sen. Jesse Helms. Helms, who is seeking a fifth term, faced no primary opposition but ran attack ads accusing both Democrats of supporting racial preferences in hiring and health benefits for gay partners.
September 25, 2005
IN his review of Jesse Helms' memoir, "Here's Where I Stand" (Book Review, Sept. 4), Matthew Continetti observes that Helms began his career viewed as a far-right conservative by advocating such ideas as a flat tax, privatizing Social Security and opposing integration but that today the country has caught up with his beliefs. The sad conclusion is that Continetti may be correct. RALPH S. BRAX Lancaster
April 26, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) underwent five hours of surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital to replace a leaking pig valve installed in his heart 10 years ago and to repair another heart valve. Helms, 80, was admitted last weekend to a hospital in Maryland after complaining of being tired and weak. After tests Tuesday, doctors recommended replacing the valve.
September 8, 1991
In "Theater on the Edge," the emperor has no clothes, and neither does anyone else. The audience is blamed for not applauding this travesty on theater, intelligence, sanity and taste. When there is so much good avant-garde theater available, why must we spend time and money on tasteless crudity that reinforces the cry of Jesse Helms for the censorship of recipients of public funds? After all, there are choices between these two extremes. Abdoh states, "I've never been so depressed."
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