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Jesse Helms

February 15, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) is demanding the replacement of Raymond L. Flynn, the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, on grounds that the former Boston mayor faces "serious allegations of ethical misconduct." Flynn, a Democrat, was reprimanded twice by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher--once for what was considered inappropriate criticism of Republicans and again for permitting his campaign committee to pay his expenses as ambassador.
August 8, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Escalating the conflict over the nomination of William F. Weld to be ambassador to Mexico, Sen. Richard G. Lugar (R-Ind.) threatened to use his own committee chairmanship to retaliate against Sen. Jesse Helms for bottling up Weld's confirmation. Lugar said the Agriculture Committee, which he chairs, will hold hearings in September on the recent tobacco settlement, an issue of enormous concern to Helms (R-N.C.) and the 100,000 tobacco farmers in his home state.
January 27, 1991
There seems to be a radical double standard with respect to racial and sexist slurs. Monroe, writing on interracial couples, attributes to black women the put-down "The first thing a black man does when he gets a little success is to buy a Cadillac. The second thing he does is get a white woman to put in it." Dynamite! What would happen to a white man rash enough to say that in the Coliseum at a Raiders game? What would the NAACP do if Jesse Helms made such a remark? Or even worse, Dan Quayle?
September 8, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Former Massachusetts Gov. William F. Weld said the refusal of Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) to hold hearings on his nomination to be ambassador to Mexico is "just not the American way." Weld, in an interview on ABC-TV's "This Week," contended that he is making headway in his battle with Helms. Helms, the conservative head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has denied Weld a hearing, insisting his support for needle-exchange programs and medical use of marijuana shows he is "soft" on drugs.
September 6, 1991 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
An AIDS activist group briefly inflated a 15-foot replica of a condom on the roof of Sen. Jesse Helms' suburban Washington home. Seven protesters used two blowers powered by a portable generator to fill the nylon replica with air, said Peter Staley, 30, a member of Treatment Action Guerrillas. The group was protesting positions the North Carolina Republican has taken on several AIDS-related issues, Staley said. There were no arrests.
February 16, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms said he would vote against Anthony Lake's nomination to head the CIA, but predicted that Lake would be confirmed. "I can't support Mr. Lake based on a number of things," Helms, a North Carolina Republican, said in remarks taped for the CNN program "Evans & Novak." "I will vote 'no'.
May 23, 1996
As a lifelong Republican, I will have no reservation supporting President Clinton for reelection if the Dole campaign resorts to beating up on fellow Americans, be they gay or any other minority. I am ashamed to share my political party affiliation with the likes of Pat Buchanan, Robert Dornan, Jesse Helms and too many other elected Republicans who feast on trying to legislate their bigotry. Balance the budget and pass entitlement reforms, term limits and campaign finance reforms.
November 5, 1999 | From Times Wire Reports
A hearing on the nomination of former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun to be ambassador to New Zealand was set for today, ending a confrontation between Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) and the White House. The decision by Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to go ahead with the hearing came after the White House sent him administration documents relating to Moseley-Braun, an Illinois Democrat. Helms has questioned her campaign spending and trips she made to Nigeria.
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