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October 15, 2010 | By Michael Ordoña
The post-apocalyptic science-fiction head-scratcher "Jim," which seems to be about bioethics, unemployment, personal legacy, the healthcare system and ? what? Humans without humanity? ? provokes one dominant reaction: "Whaaa?" Told in intercut fragments from two eras, the film begins in a burned-out future principally populated by clones ("drones" might be more accurate, as they don't think independently) whose labor powers the city of "natural," genetically enhanced human survivors ?
April 25, 2014
Jim Buss says he will resign in three or four years [April 20] if the Lakers are not back on top because that will mean he has failed. Dude, you have already failed both the team and its fans by your evident lack of leadership, so why must we wait so long for you to ultimately depart? How about in three or four months you turn over the team reins to someone more competent than you! Why should we twist in the wind for the obvious to become even more obvious? Goodbye and good riddance, Jim, we won't miss you at all. Roy Reel Culver City :: Jim Buss said if the Lakers aren't contending for an NBA title in three or four years he will step aside and let someone else run the team and make player personnel decisions.
November 18, 2009
Jim Tracy, whom the Colorado Rockies promoted to manager from bench coach after Clint Hurdle was fired in late May, was selected National League manager of the year Wednesday. Less than an hour after the announcement, the Rockies rewarded Tracy with a three-year contract. The Rockies were 74-42 under Tracy and won the NL wild-card spot. Colorado lost to Philadelphia in the playoffs. "What we're talking about this afternoon, it's probably as flattering an experience as I've come to realize during the course of my professional career in athletics," Tracy said.
April 25, 2014 | By Chris Foster
There are two ways to look at UCLA's spring game. There's the cleats-on-the-ground view: "We need to make sure we lock into everything," safety Anthony Jefferson said. "We need to make sure we're assignment perfect. " And there's a coach's big-canvas brush strokes: "I wouldn't put stock at all in the results of a spring game, who plays well and who doesn't," Coach Jim Mora said. "It's just a piece to the puzzle. " The Bruins wrap up spring practice with a scrimmage at the StubHub Center on Saturday at 5 p.m. Mora said he wanted a "real game" and divided the teams along traditional lines - first-team offense against first-team defense, second-team offense against second-team defense.
February 19, 2013 | By David Wharton
Amid the tributes and condolences, the lingering sorrow over Jerry Buss' death, now comes the hand-wringing. Lakers fans see Jim and Jeanie Buss in control - no father keeping watch - and wonder if the kids can uphold a winning legacy. Jeanie has already won respect with her intelligence and candor, but has previously focused on the business side of the franchise. Will she - as Magic Johnson has advocated - exert more influence on basketball matters? And what about Jim? The son has been a constant lightning rod for criticism, outsiders guessing at what role he played in controversial decisions such as the hiring of Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson.
December 9, 1987 | SHEILA BENSON, Times Film Critic
One of the many mysteries of "Empire of the Sun" (selected theaters) is why Steven Spielberg chose it for his return to directing--other than a passion for the skies, which Spielberg and Jim, his young protagonist, share. J. G.
March 28, 1985 | KEVIN THOMAS, Times Staff Writer
Director Susan Seidelman sure has it in for New Jersey. So eager was the heroine of Seidelman's first feature, the scrappy, scruffy "Smithereens," to escape her soul-withering blue-collar Jersey existence that she deluded herself into believing she could make it as a new-wave music star in Manhattan. And now, in her endearingly hilarious "Desperately Seeking Susan" (citywide Friday), Seidelman finds life no better at the upper end of the middle class in the Garden State.
August 18, 1998 | BOB VERDI, Chicago Tribune
Jim was all heart and no ego. I was forever amazed when I first started meeting him. You know how players all run away from us now. If Jim was standing by the batting cage or the golf tee, players would always come over and say hello to him. At first, I thought it was a West Cost thing--these athletes who grew up reading him every day. But then I saw it happen on the East Coast. It was a no-coast thing. He was a treasure, and the athletes knew it.
March 29, 1986 | ED HAGEROTT
Many coaches like to think of their team as a family. But when Notre Dame High's John Barrett makes the comparison, it's difficult to argue. Barrett, 26, is in his second season as the Knights' baseball coach. His brother Jim, 28, is his assistant, and their father, Jim Sr., serves as unofficial assistant. "I took the job on the condition that my brother was a paid assistant," said John, who coached the school's junior varsity for two years.
October 30, 2011 | Mel Gilden
When Jim rang the bell of Uncle Ynar's old house, the front door slid aside. He was greeted by a tall silver robot who stared at him with glowing eyes. "Welcome, young Jim," the robot said in its strange electronic voice. "The master will see you. " The robot led him to Uncle Ynar, who was working in his laboratory. He was a large round man whose spiky black hair stuck up every which way. "What can I do for you, Jim?" he asked. "It's almost Halloween," Jim said.
April 22, 2014 | By Eric Pincus
The Lakers have promoted Jim Perzik from general counsel to senior vice president of legal affairs/secretary, while hiring Dan Grigsby to fill Perzik's former position. Grigsby previously was partner and chairman of the National Sports Law Group with the law firm Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell. "Having worked with Dan as our outside legal representative for over 30 years, we're very familiar and comfortable with him, and have the highest regard for him as both an attorney and person,” said Jeanie Buss in a statement Tuesday.
April 21, 2014 | By James Barragan and Chris Foster
UCLA football Coach Jim Mora wants to have a “real game” when the Bruins have their annual spring showcase for fans at StubHub Center in Carson on Saturday night. To ensure that can happen, he's prioritizing health this week. The Bruins did not wear pads during Monday night's practice. “My goal is to get a lot of great work done this week and stay healthy so that we can have a real game on Saturday night,” Mora said. Currently, the Bruins have nine healthy offensive linemen, Mora said.
April 19, 2014 | By Chris Foster
UCLA Coach Jim Mora has stressed "don't listen to the noise" as the way for the Bruins to stay focused. A sign with that phrase hangs in the locker room. But what do you do when it's Mora making the noise? It has been clear to anyone with eyes that Fabien Moreau has developed into a strong cornerback. The only pass play to beat him during practice Saturday was a low, short throw that receiver Devin Lucien needed to dive to catch. Mora needed little nudging to launch into a campaign speech the second he was asked about Moreau.
April 19, 2014 | By Mike Bresnahan
The six brothers and sisters, with a gap of 31 years from eldest to youngest, gathered in the winter near the first anniversary of their father's death to discuss some problems about the family business. It's also the city's treasured sports team - the Lakers. The team was nose-diving in the standings, losing the interest of fans, and grinding toward its worst season since the team moved to Los Angeles in 1960. So Jeanie Buss posed an elementary question to her siblings: What was going on with the Lakers?
April 13, 2014 | By Eric Sondheimer
 Jim Kunau, the former football coach at Orange Lutheran and Anaheim Canyon, has been named the football coach and vice president for schools and strategic leadership for Temecula Rancho Christian. He was the fooball coach at Orange Lutheran from 1993 to 2011, winning two Southern Section titles.  
April 11, 2014
Van Vlahakis Ecology-minded entrepreneur founded Earth Friendly Products Van Vlahakis, 79, an ecology-minded entrepreneur who manufactured and marketed environmentally safe cleaning products, including the best-selling ECOS laundry detergent, died Sunday at his home in Key Largo, Fla., his family said. The cause of death was not known. The Greek-born Vlahakis founded Venus Laboratories in the garage of his Chicago home in 1967. A decade later he changed the name to Earth Friendly Products and opened a headquarters and factory in Garden Grove.
June 18, 1995
The second-seeded doubles team of Jim and Brian Nelson advanced to the semifinals of the National Senior Father and Son Hardcourt Doubles championships Saturday at the Newport Beach Tennis Club with a 7-6, 6-4 victory over Stan and Geoff Griffin. Jim, from Irvine, and Brian, from Huntington Beach, were tested for the first time in the tournament after receiving a bye in the first round and getting through the second round, losing only one game.
Stock Exchange gives readers a chance to listen in as staff writers James Peltz and Michael Hiltzik debate the merits of individual stocks. McDonald's (MCD) Jim: We review one of the most recognized brands on the planet, and even though we all poke fun at Dow stock McDonald's claims of selling "billions" of hamburgers, the company's numbers do boggle the mind. It has nearly 25,000 restaurants in 114 countries, including China, and it serves roughly 35 million people every day.
April 10, 2014 | By Sheri Linden
With the YA swoon of "Twilight" safely in the rearview mirror, movie vampires get their mojo back in the sensuous dreamscape of "Only Lovers Left Alive," one of the strongest films yet from Jim Jarmusch. A filmmaker with a deep affection for outsiders, Jarmusch sets his ode to the urbane undead - and margin-dwelling artists - in two ultra-poetic cities: Detroit, a vision of trampled grandeur on the cusp of rebirth, and worldly Tangier, its alleyways alive with the murmur of illicit doings.
April 8, 2014 | By Mike Bresnahan
It could always be worse. The Lakers could have been pounded into a sad corner of team history with Dwight Howard in Houston's lineup. So they got hit with the next worst thing, losing to the Rockets without the injured Howard, 145-130, and clinching their most miserable win-loss record since moving to Los Angeles in 1960. With four games to go, the Lakers (25-53) already outdid the 1974-75 team that went 30-52. The Lakers keep seeking stability, a main reason team executives Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak recently sat down with Kobe Bryant for a clear-the-air meeting, The Times has learned.
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