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Jim Healy

July 22, 2006 | Bill Dwyre
Our mission this morning, and we choose to accept it, is to tell you about a man that many of you never knew. Sadly. Twelve years ago today, Jim Healy died. He was a local broadcaster who had an evening drive-time sports show. A form of it started in 1961 and it didn't end until May 1994, less than two months before he died. For most of his career, he was on KLAC, but he moved to KMPC for the last seven or eight years.
When Tom Lasorda retired as Dodger manager, we heard more than one person say, "Too bad Healy isn't around." It was only a few days after the second anniversary of radio broadcaster Jim Healy's death. Voice-tracks of Lasorda (along with Charles Barkley, Howard Cosell and others) were a big part of Healy's long-time show. But, in a sense, Healy is still here.
July 20, 2009 | JERRY CROWE
It was an innocent question. All Paul Olden wanted to know was, what did then-Dodgers manager Tom Lasorda think of Dave Kingman's performance against the Dodgers that afternoon in Dodger Stadium. More specifically, what was Lasorda's opinion of it? The towering Kingman had just hit three home runs in a 10-7 Chicago Cubs victory on May 14, 1978, the last a three-run shot against Rick Rhoden in the top of the 15th inning.
April 29, 1994 | LARRY STEWART
Is it true? Jim Healy, a Los Angeles institution for 43 years, might have done his last live radio show Thursday. KMPC's new owners take over the station Monday, and Healy isn't part of their plans. Healy, a listening habit for so many people over the years, is still holding out hope for somewhere else, however. "I have a meeting early next week that could lead to something," he said. "I'd rather not discuss it because it's rather sensitive right now."
June 16, 2001
You're missing a great one, pal. Lakers-76ers. But what would really have caught your attention is this guard, Iverson. Great athlete . . . great shooter . . . lots of determination . . . and the biggest crybaby since Mary Decker. He may even be the heir to the throne. You could call him "Little Allie Weeper" and play the same tape of the baby wailing every time you mention his name. We miss you, Jimbo. Steve Henzel Los Angeles I thought all those new rules were to begin next season.
May 17, 1991 | LARRY STEWART
A new sports talk show is coming to KMPC on June 3 with Scott St. James as the host. The station dropped "Sportsline" with Paul Olden after last baseball season. "The Scott St. James Show" will be broadcast from 4 to 8 p.m. on weekdays when there is no Angel game, with, of course, a half-hour out for Jim Healy at 5:30. On nights the Angels are home or playing a West Coast game, St. James will go off the air at 7. He will be preempted when there are East Coast games.
In his 13 months as a KABC-TV Channel 7 sportscaster, Todd Donoho has become the man critics love to hate. He's been blasted for delivering his sportscasts while standing in front of a video screen, for beginning and ending his segments with a trivia question, for commentaries opening with "Take a hike," and for a manner that led one critic to write that Donoho, "comes on like a three-alarm fire and is about as enjoyable."
July 29, 2006
My guess is that Jim Healy's response to Journalist Bill's fine July 23 article would be: Awwww ... Blow it out!! BILL TIPPIT Los Angeles
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