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Jim Hutchison

February 18, 1990
Jim Hutchison's story, "In the Wake of the Lady Rose," Jan. 28, was interesting to an ex-Northwester, but I must take exception to "state of the art in 1937, the Lady Rose boasted one of the world's first marine diesel engines." Fiat was building marine diesels in 1909 and they were used in World War I U-boats. R. BOTTUM Van Nuys
December 5, 2008 | Michael Phillips, Phillips is a movie critic for the Chicago Tribune.
"Punisher: War Zone," the gory follow-up to 2004's "Punisher" based on the Marvel comic book series, hangs around the same neighborhood as "The Dark Knight." Both feature vigilantes who go too far. Both crime-fighters speak in an affected, tough-guy whisper, when they talk at all. Both favor the black vigilante threads when they're out on the town, taking out the trash.
January 29, 2006 | Margo Pfeiff, Special to The Times
MY plan was to do absolutely nothing on a beach for an entire week. That may sound easy, but taking a real vacation is not easy for a travel writer, and I told myself I had to hide my notebook, pen and cameras under a bed in some bungalow on a beach. This week in steamy Vietnam was to be my reward for spending most of last summer on assignment in the Canadian Arctic. It also gave me a chance to escape the equally chilling reality of turning 50.
August 15, 2004 | Margo Pfeiff, Special to The Times
Empty BASKET COVE was not empty. A glittering aquamarine iceberg lolled in the sunshine of the walled inlet. I plunked myself near the shore amid wind-gnarled bushes, munched on wild blueberries and watched waves rhythmically stroke and slap the ice. "See the whales?" asked my hiking buddy, photographer Jim Hutchison. The iceberg had me so mesmerized that I had not noticed a pod of minke whales surfacing in the distance. Icebergs and whales made for a textbook Newfoundland summer day.
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