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Jim Sartoris

August 30, 1990 | GARY KLEIN
The Glendale College football team will prepare for its Sept. 8 opener at Pasadena City College with a scrimmage Saturday night at Cerritos College. The Vaqueros were 5-4-1 overall and 5-3-1 in Western State Conference play under first-year Coach John Cicuto last season. Cicuto, who was the team's defensive coordinator under former Coach Jim Sartoris, is hoping to bring this year's unit up to the level of Vaquero defenses of the past.
September 24, 1987 | HEATHER HAFNER
By nature, junior college football teams consist of journeymen players--those who after high school were passed up by major colleges. Glendale College Coach Jim Sartoris has spent the past two seasons making major college recruiters look foolish. The Vaqueros have had 10-1 records in each of the past two seasons and 18 players from last year's team received scholarships to four-year programs. But inevitably, a junior college program goes dry, if only for a while.
September 17, 1988 | GARY KLEIN, Times Staff Writer
New teams, new coaches and new players abound in the newly aligned Western State Conference, but the consensus of conference coaches reveals that the more things change the more they are expected to stay the same. Bakersfield and Glendale, the reigning WFC co-champions, are favored to win the title. "Bakersfield is always good and Glendale is approaching awesome," L. A. Southwest Coach Henry Washington said.
December 15, 1988 | SAM FARMER, Times Staff Writer
Jim Sartoris announced his resignation as Glendale College football coach Wednesday, citing the difficulty of balancing his responsibilities as athletic director and chairman of the physical education division. Sartoris, 44, who has coached the Vaqueros since 1972, will step down and defensive coordinator John Cicuto will take over. Sartoris will assume responsibilities as running back coach. "I was really overloaded," said Sartoris, who made the decision to resign midway through this season.
October 22, 1987 | HEATHER HAFNER
Glendale College's Brian Greenfield entered last Saturday's game as the top-rated junior college punter in the state. The freshman was averaging 44.1 yards a punt. But after boots of 35, 10, 42 and 26 yards against Ventura, he left with a 40.4 average and a No. 10 ranking. "Our kicking game was atrocious today," Coach Jim Sartoris said. But for a punter of Greenfield's caliber, one poor outing can easily be overlooked. Especially since Glendale won, 28-15.
November 27, 1988 | SAM FARMER, Times Staff Writer and
As he so often has done after Glendale College victories, Coach Jim Sartoris stayed on the field long after Saturday's game at Taft and spoke cheerfully to players and their parents. Across the field the coach of the other team bolted for the locker room in a rage. The coach of the other team, oddly enough, was the coach of the winning team. It was not the final score (32-19) but the finality of Taft's season that had Al Baldock peeved.
October 25, 1988 | STEVE HARVEY, From Staff and Wire Reports
Football teams are routinely penalized for unnecessary roughness, holding and illegal procedure . . . but for parachuting? It happened to Glendale College over the weekend. Late in the second quarter of a game that was shrouded in fog, a young man floated down through the mist, nearly clipping a referee and landing near the 50-yard line. Then, two more chutists fell to earth. The sky divers who arrived during a break in the action were part of a half-time stunt that began ahead of schedule.
November 23, 1988 | GARY KLEIN, Times Staff Writer
Junior college bowl games feature little of the pageantry and about 99.9% less profit than those at the 4-year level. JC bowls serve simply as rewards for jobs well done by teams participating and one last chance at exposure for players pursuing roster positions at universities next fall. With those thoughts in mind, Moorpark and Glendale are preparing for bowl-game appearances on Saturday, Dec. 3.
September 21, 1986 | GARY KLEIN, Times Staff Writer
Glendale Coach Jim Sartoris was wearing the kind of smile that people usually reserve for those occasions when they're trying not to embarrass a friend. "This was one of the best Valley teams I've seen in terms of talent," Sartoris said. "We thought it would be a close game, and we were right." Sartoris' assessment of the Valley talent pool was probably accurate, but his evaluation of Saturday's game between Glendale and Valley was stretching it.
September 24, 1988
Bill Kernen is not wasting time making an impact as baseball coach at Cal State Northridge. Last Monday, the Matadors began a nine-week fall program that leaves little time for anything but baseball, class work and studying. "We're trying to institute a style of play, disciplined philosophy and everything we need . . . to build this into a Division I, national championship-caliber program," said Kernen, a former assistant at Cal State Fullerton and Illinois.
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