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John F Kelly

February 10, 1995 | Times Staff and Wire Reports
Alaska Airlines Chief Forced Out: Directors asked for the resignation of Raymond J. Vecci as chairman and chief executive of the Seattle-based airline and its parent company, Alaska Air Group Inc. Although Vecci had steered Alaska back to modest profitability in 1994, "a growing difference in management style between Vecci and the board" led to his resignation, Alaska said. Vecci, who had been chairman since early 1991, was replaced by John F. Kelly, formerly Alaska's chief operating officer.
March 3, 1990
The victory of the UNO party and Chamorro is a victory for democracy. This comes from a 10-year supporter of the Sandinistas. This election must be seen as a tribute to the gains made by the Sandinistas and the Nicaraguan people in the 10 years since toppling the tyrannical right-wing dictatorship of the Somozas. These elections occurred despite the bloody military pressure and economic war waged by the U.S. government. Now, one can only hope that truly free elections can one day be held in U.S.-supported countries such as El Salvador and Guatemala, where political killings and disappearances are still commonplace.
April 7, 1988
Tustin City Councilman John F. Kelly, one of 13 Republicans hoping to capture the party's nomination in the June 7 primary for the 40th Congressional District, opened his campaign headquarters Wednesday with an unusual twist. He borrowed the elephant from the Santa Ana Zoo, trucked it to Tustin and offered visitors free rides at the 165 El Camino Real headquarters. Kelly, 26, is considered by political experts to be a long shot to replace retiring Rep. Robert E.
May 11, 1990 | SHANNON SANDS
Many city officials and residents were relieved when a Superior Court judge's last-minute ruling allowed the City Council election to proceed in April. But now it seems the lengthy and costly legal battle is not quite over. Attorneys for Councilman Earl J. Prescott and former Councilman John F. Kelly, who opposed the April election in which Kelly was ousted, filed papers last week objecting to the final judgment proposed by attorneys for the city. Although Judge David H.
January 4, 2003 | From Associated Press
A judge has temporarily prevented police from releasing video shot during singer Diana Ross' drunk- driving arrest in Tucson, Ariz., earlier this week. Ross' attorney, Greg Davis, argued the video isn't public record because it wasn't made by the police officer who made the traffic stop. Davis said the officer who shot it did so only after learning the driver was Ross. Davis also said releasing the video would irreparably damage Ross' right to a fair trial.
May 3, 1987
Let me be the first to express my support and gratitude to Councilman John F. Kelly of Tustin for demanding a full explanation as to how disgusting porno film could have been slipped into the recent Orange County League of Cities dinner. Councilman Kelly, at his young age of 25, has shown far more maturity and sense than his elders who were present and attempted to dismiss this issue with such frivolity. The comments made by the mayor of Cypress were disgraceful. To criticize Kelly for his concern is an absolute outrage to all of the decent people of Orange County.
July 24, 2013
Re "Top officers' quarters are their castles," July 21 To suggest that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on high-quality housing for military commanders offends a country grateful for the selfless work of these American heroes. Marine Gen. John F. Kelly, whose Florida home came under scrutiny by The Times, is one of America's greatest patriots. While serving with distinction in Iraq, Kelly fought alongside his troops when his convoy was unexpectedly attacked in the same 2004 fight that killed Marine Pfc. Chance Phelps, whose story was told in an HBO movie I co-produced.
April 6, 1988 | STEVEN R. CHURM, Times Staff Writer
Costa Mesa City Councilman Peter Buffa, citing staff and financial shortcomings, dropped out of the race on Tuesday to replace Rep. Robert E. Badham (R-Newport Beach) and endorsed C. David Baker, an Irvine councilman. Buffa, 39, was among a crowded field of 14 Republicans scrambling to win the party's nomination in the June 7 primary for the 40th Congressional District. He is the first to drop out.
August 5, 2007
SURELY you have at least one: a cherished photo or childhood toy, packed through endless moves. Maybe it has an honored place in your home, or maybe it's a talisman kept close in purse or pocket for luck. I still have a diner-style plate from a long-gone nightclub and a tasseled red fez that was dragged across Egypt. Why do certain things charm us so? In their new book, "Taking Things Seriously"(Princeton Architectural Press: 176 pp., $17.
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