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John F Landon

June 19, 1987
John F. Landon, 39, entered the plea in New York federal court in response to charges of fraud arising out of his role with the syndication of Transpac Drilling, an oil and gas shelter promotion organized by John Peter Galanis. Galanis was indicted last week on racketeering charges in the case. Landon pleaded guilty to mail fraud and conspiracy to commit tax, securities and bank fraud.
June 2, 1987 | CHRIS KRAUL and GREG JOHNSON, Times Staff Writers
Those who knew him as a Point Loma High School honors student say John F. Landon had all the tools for success: brains, good looks, a prominent San Diego family, athletic ability and easygoing charm. His classmates voted him the Class of 1966 graduate "Most Likely to Succeed." A degree from Stanford University and a stint in the Peace Corps in Nepal after graduation reinforced classmates' image of Landon. "In a group, he was self-assured and fun to be around," one said.
May 13, 1987 | PAUL RICHTER, Times Staff Writer
A San Diego County businessman and six associates were arrested and charged Tuesday in connection with alleged schemes involving the sale of fraudulent oil and gas and real estate tax shelters, the fraudulent takeover of a Utah bank and the bribery of officials at an Upstate New York bank, prosecutors said. John P.
July 12, 1987 | TOM FURLONG, Times Staff Writer
Late one night in a nearly deserted Chinese restaurant in Greenwich, Conn., so much food was ordered in such a short period that the chef thought a large party of diners had arrived. As the story goes, when the chef came out of the kitchen to have a look, he found only two huge men, each weighing well in excess of 250 pounds. It was just John Peter Galanis, having another one of his monster meals with his good pal, Jay Botchman.
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