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John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co

February 6, 1996 | FRANK MESSINA
Final review of the lease for a new City Hall will be before the City Council tonight. If council members approve the lease with the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., the city is expected to move by June 30 from 23778 Mercury Road to an office building about a block away. City officials have negotiated a monthly rent of $1.36 per square foot--considerably less than the $2.17 per square foot that Lake Forest now pays. The monthly savings would total about $3,000.
July 24, 1987 | United Press International
John Quincy Adams, descendant of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, has died at age 64, family members announced Wednesday. Adams, who died Monday at his home, was the great-great-grandson of the sixth President, John Quincy Adams, and the great-great-great-grandson of John Adams, the nation's second President. The son of the late Arthur Adams and Magery Lee Adams, Adams graduated from St. Paul's School in Concord, N.H., and was a member of the Harvard College Class of 1945.
January 31, 1990
John L. McCrea, 98, a retired vice admiral who was the naval aide to President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the first year of World War II. McCrea, who later became an aide to Roosevelt at the Casablanca Conference during World War II, left the White House in 1943 to become the first captain of the battleship Iowa, the ship that also carried Roosevelt to conferences in Cairo and Tehran. On Nov.
September 13, 1989 | From Times wire services
A jury awarded $26.1 million to a former insurance salesman who claimed that he was bad-mouthed by his employer and fired for saving his customers money. The jury agreed with Clifford Zalay that John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. and one of its general agents libeled and slandered him. Zalay, who was fired in 1979, wept after Tuesday's verdict. "I took the position that I don't care how big they are and who they are, I'm going to fight to regain my integrity, my good name," he said.
October 11, 1994
Benton Oil & Gas Co., an Oxnard-based petroleum exploration and production firm, said it has issued $15 million in unsecured notes to John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. The 13% notes are due Sept. 30, 2002, with principal repayments of $3 million due annually beginning in 1998. The company also said it has issued warrants entitling John Hancock to purchase 250,000 shares of Benton stock, or 1% of the company's outstanding common shares, at $9 per share.
January 20, 1993 | From Associated Press
The Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday restated its intention to tax college football bowls and other tax-exempt organizations on corporate sponsorship payments received in exchange for advertising. No tax will be imposed, the IRS said, if an otherwise tax-exempt organization merely acknowledges a sponsor's payment.
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