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John Mcglynn

January 12, 1986
Pope's criticism of Proposition 13 received front page publicity in the Real Estate section. The replies were buried in back pages, and yesterday the Real Estate section was buried in the Metro section. This is not equal representation. The replies should be republished on the front page of the usual Real Estate section. JOHN McGLYNN Los Angeles
August 13, 1994
"A Squeeze Play Tags the Summer Box Office" (Aug. 2) mentions that this summer's films are either mega-hits grossing over $100 million or losers buried in red ink, leaving no real middle ground. This is attributed to the fact that there are too many films to choose from. This may be part of the reason but not all. Even in hard economic times, people will still spend money for escapist entertainment. As money gets tighter, however, and with theater tickets getting more expensive, people are more likely to spend on what they consider a first-rate film with a proven track record, rather than risk it on a film with so-so reviews and a lackluster box-office performance.
June 2, 1985
I was intrigued by your editorial (May 13), "A Pot of Gold Waits." It is indeed obvious that there are billions of tax dollars going uncollected every year. Increasing the staff and budget for the Internal Revenue Service, however, is not the solution. Feeding the IRS with more staff would be the equivalent of feeding more food to a fat, aging dinosaur. Throwing more money and staff to the IRS may unleash a few extra tax dollars, but it will not solve the problem of inefficiency within the system.
May 26, 1985 | BARBARA BAIRD, Times Staff Writer
If you need fresh lemon grass to make a Thai soup or ghee (clarified butter) for an Indian recipe, you can find it on the Westside. Thanks to a generous assortment of ethnic markets here, shoppers have access to an array of exotic ingredients including Brazilian sausage, sun-dried Italian tomatoes and Iranian pomegranate paste. International foods have become so popular that UCLA Extension recently offered a tour of Los Angeles' ethnic markets as part of its culinary arts program.
July 18, 2004 | Michael J. Ybarra, Special to The Times
In 1986 the king of Thailand gave an award to Indonesian poet Sapardi Djoko Damono for his contributions to Indonesia's literature. Damono, in turn, wanted to hand out some of his verse when he accepted the award in Bangkok. The only problem was Damono's work had never been translated into another language. So the poet asked his friend John McGlynn to prepare a selection in English, the lingua franca of Southeast Asia.
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