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John Poindexter

February 26, 1990
By his videotaped testimony, former President Reagan showed himself to be ignorant enough to serve on John Poindexter's jury. ALLAN J. FAVISH Tarzana
October 25, 2009 | Alexandra Zavis
By the time the letter landed in his mailbox six years ago, Ray Moreno had long tried to put the Vietnam War behind him. He had packed away his Army uniform in 1971 -- and never put it on again after protesters at the San Francisco airport shouted "baby killer" at him when he returned from a terrifying year in the jungle. He had worked for a time in construction, picked oranges and eventually became the supervisor of the Tulare County road department. Moreno opened the letter, uncertain of what was inside.
February 18, 1987
We applaud President Reagan's refusal to order Vice Adm. John Poindexter and Lt. Col. Oliver North to waive their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. We wonder, did Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III advise these suspects that their continued silence makes whatever story they ultimately tell less believable? MARGARET LENNON RICHARD TOM Los Angeles
July 30, 2003 | Peter G. Gosselin, Times Staff Writer
The Pentagon unceremoniously jettisoned plans Tuesday to establish a futures market in Middle Eastern terrorist attacks, handing another in a long string of defeats to Iran-Contra figure John M. Poindexter, the point man for the program.
May 11, 1988
How do we know that the missiles Iran fired--and possibly shot down our two Marine helicopter pilots with--were not from the sale of arms that Reagan, and former White House aides John Poindexter and Oliver North engineered? MARY DESMOND Agoura Hills
June 25, 1988
President Reagan says that an independent counsel should be called in to investigate the charges made against Speaker Jim Wright. Is this the same Ronald Reagan whose Administration railed against the appointment of independent counsels to investigate the charges against Oliver North, John Poindexter, Michael Deaver, et al.? HARRY CIMRING Los Angeles
July 21, 1987
The war in Vietnam, the rescue of the Mayaguez, the Iran hostage rescue, the Beirut massacre, the silly invasion of Grenada, missing Moammar Kadafi's tent, the Stark incident, the B-1 stalled in Paris, and now Lt. Col. Oliver North, Adm. John Poindexter, and Gen. Richard Secord. I just can't wait to see what the military has in mind for its next heroic endeavor. P. MILLER La Jolla
August 18, 1987
In his speech, President Reagan said he had knowledge of other countries and individuals helping the contras, but none of the diversion of funds from the Iranian arms sales. It is still hard to believe. With the shredding of documents by Lt. Col. Oliver North and Rear Adm. John Poindexter and the death of CIA Director William Casey, we will never know the whole story. There will always be a doubt. PAULINE RICHARDSON Glendale
August 22, 1987
I hope that (letter) writers Jackie Colleran and R. Jeffrey Scott (Viewpoint, Aug. 15) also feel that the likes of Lt. Col. Oliver North and Rear Adm. John Poindexter, who also received an education paid for by the American taxpayers, and then prostituted their integrity, commitment and obligation to the honor code of the military academies, and if you please, the Constitution of the United States, should shove off! VAL RODRIGUEZ Signal Hill
September 25, 1987
Surely the Senate and the public will note that Bork's two prime defenders on the Judiciary Committee, Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming), are the same two senators who went to similar extremes in praising the lying and deceiving Lt. Col. Oliver North and Rear Adm. John Poindexter during the Iran- contra hearings. J. HAROLD WILLIAMS Signal Hill
August 25, 1996
Abner J. Mikva's article on independent counsel Kenneth Starr's pillorying of Bruce Lindsey (Commentary, Aug. 16) articulates well what I have believed all along, that Starr represents the spirit of "Tail Gunner" Joe McCarthy, intent upon filthying as many reputations as possible, and doing so without bothering with sufficient corroborative evidence. J.S. KLEINSASSER Bakersfield Starr has proven that he will ruin any reputation and spend any amount of taxpayer money in an effort to smear President and Mrs. Clinton.
John M. Poindexter, the highest-ranking former official convicted in the Iran-Contra scandal, was sentenced Monday to six months in prison after a judge said that he had sought to "nullify" the actions of Congress and had shown no remorse. The former national security adviser in the Ronald Reagan White House was the only one of seven convicted in the scandal to receive a prison term.
April 19, 1990
Fein says if the Iran-Contra gambits had been successful, Poindexter would never have been investigated. Probably not. Rightly or wrongly, people seldom question "success." Similarly, however, if the 1979 hostage rescue effort had succeeded, Jimmy Carter would probably have been reelected rather than excoriated. But that is not the issue. The issue is separation of powers. If the Founding Fathers feared anything, it was a too powerful executive. So they established a system of checks and balances.
April 9, 1990 | BRUCE FEIN, Bruce Fein is a Washington attorney specializing in constitutional law. He was research director for House Republicans investigating the Iran-Contra affair. and
The conviction of former National Security Advisor John M. Poindexter is a miscarriage of justice with worrisome implications for a strong executive branch. The politically inspired nature of Poindexter's prosecution is transparent. He was charged with and convicted of misleading Congress and obstructing its investigation of the shipment of arms to Iran in exchange for American hostages and of the involvement of the National Security Council in aiding the Nicaraguan Contras.
A federal prosecutor, mocking the videotaped defense testimony of former President Ronald Reagan as foggy and biased, urged a jury Friday to ignore Reagan and convict former White House official John M. Poindexter for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal. In a histrionic counter-argument, however, defense attorney Richard W.
July 13, 1987
If Adolph Hitler had received the same support from the American Congress and left-wing press that many of the nation's enemies seem to be getting today, he (Hitler) might have won World War II! But then, fortunately, there were also a number of brave souls, including President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who, like Adm. John Poindexter, North, the late CIA Director William Casey and other present day patriots, may have bent or hidden the truth when necessary in order to save democracy from the Nazis--and from itself!
February 1, 1987
Meese says that "If a person is innocent of a crime, he is not a suspect." Then is it safe to assume that without the Miranda decision that Oliver North and John Poindexter would have confessed? With Reagan's and Meese's concepts regarding drug testing, photos of unclothed bodies, and now Miranda, I think of the late Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.). As I wrote this I wondered if "Big Brother" was watching yet. TIMOTHY P. SULLIVAN Whittier
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