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John Robinson

November 9, 1991
In that commercial where John Robinson screams, "Outta the locker room!" it's just too bad that he is not looking in the mirror. The sooner Robinson is out of the Ram locker room, the better. PAT NELSON Fullerton
January 4, 1986
I drove three hours in heavy traffic from Santa Monica to Anaheim to witness the worst-coached game I have ever seen. If John Robinson insists on running on third-and-long, why doesn't he just call in his major offensive weapon, Dale Hatcher, and kick on third down? MARLENE GILBERT Santa Monica
December 28, 1996 | EARL GUSTKEY
There were strong indications Friday night that California offensive coordinator Hue Jackson would be named soon as John Robinson's offensive coordinator at USC. Jackson, 30, would replace Mike Riley, who recently left USC after four seasons to become coach at Oregon State. Jackson just completed his first season at Cal after four years as an Arizona State assistant. Asked early Friday if he'd taken the job, Jackson said: "I haven't decided yet."
The storied USC football program endured one of the most bizarre days in its history Wednesday when the Trojans fired Coach John Robinson without speaking to him, hired Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Paul Hackett without producing him at a news conference, then wondered why Robinson hadn't accepted an invitation to attend the announcement.
September 22, 1999 | ROBYN NORWOOD
A lawsuit against USC and former football coach John Robinson by a former administrative assistant to Robinson has been settled out of court, attorneys for both sides said Tuesday. "The case has been resolved for both the university and John Robinson," USC general counsel Todd Dickey said.
September 26, 1990 | JOHN WEYLER
The running game continues to be a feeble complement to the Rams' passing attack, but Coach John Robinson said finding the correct balance can be a tricky proposition. "Given the weapons we have, we can't suddenly revert to becoming a running team," he said. "You have to play what you're good at, and the coin doesn't balance perfectly on end very often. "We used to all be frustrated because we couldn't pass; now the coin tilts the other way, and we have the other kind of frustration."
November 15, 1996 | EARL GUSTKEY
Athletic Director Mike Garrett says his declining Wednesday to comment on Coach John Robinson's conditional offer to step aside should not be interpreted as an indicator of Robinson's status. "There are a lot of rumors being tossed around out there about the USC football team and John Robinson, but it's not appropriate to respond to rumors," he said in a statement Thursday.
September 7, 1991
Isn't this where we came in? It seems like only yesterday, after a 5-11 season, John Robinson was firing his coaching staff, trading guys such as Gaston Green and vowing, "Wait till next year." Hey John, it's next year. The Rams are pitiful and will remain so as long as Robinson stays. Last winter, they fired the wrong guy. Maybe this time they'll learn. DENNIS JONES Temple City
January 9, 1993
As a UCLA fan, I was delighted to hear John Robinson's comment that he would have tailbacks carry the ball 30 times a game and promised to run "Student Body Left" as often as "Student Body Right." I sure hope no one tells him that in the time he has been away, even the Big Ten has learned you can't consistently win by running on every down. BRUCE JAGAROSOVICH Carson
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