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John Rogers

August 15, 1988 | BOB SIPCHEN and DAVID JOHNSTON, Times Staff Writers
Overcoming negativity is integral to the teachings of the Los Angeles-based Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, and its founder, John-Roger, whom followers believe is the embodiment of a Christ-like power called the "Mystical Traveler Consciousness" and something called the "Preceptor Consciousness."
The authors of best-selling books on achieving inner peace and harmonious relationships are now squared off in an acrimonious lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. John-Roger and Peter McWilliams co-authored two self-help series "Life 101," "Wealth 101," and other books, including "You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought."
Even the Mystical Traveler had to admit: Oct. 5 was a particularly trying day in a trying season. Earlier in the fall, California's Senate race had taken a weird hop, with national media and Democratic spin doctors suddenly blasting Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington, wife of Republican candidate Mike Huffington, for her involvement with spiritual teacher John-Roger and his Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, or MSIA.
December 2, 1987 | LEAH OLLMAN
- Another local artist on the move: John Rogers, professor of art at San Diego State University, is included in an exhibit of four California artists at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (through Jan. 24). The exhibit, "Perpetual Motion," surveys 10 years of each artist's work. Rogers, who works in corrugated cardboard, is the only sculptor in the show.
February 10, 1988 | United Press International
A sheriff's deputy shot and killed a stray pit bull that was attacking a German shepherd outside a home in unincorporated Valinda 18 miles east of downtown Los Angeles early today, officials said. Deputy John Rogers fired six rounds from his revolver when the pit bull turned from the German shepherd and was about to attack him, Deputy Kathryn Nielsen said. All the shots struck the dog.
February 25, 2014 | By Mike Boehm
George Lucas and his wife, Chicago investment fund chief Mellody Hobson, are giving $25 million to build a deluxe arts center for a private grade school and high school on the University of Chicago's campus -- to be named for Gordon Parks, the celebrated photojournalist and film director who in 1969 became the first black director of a major studio film. The gift, reported by the Chicago Tribune, will cover more than half the cost of the $43.7-million Gordon Parks Arts Hall, expected to open next year, housing a gallery and studios for visual art and performance spaces of 700, 250 and 150 seats.
December 14, 1993
A man found dead on a sidewalk outside an apartment building had been shot in the head, police said Monday. The man, whose identity was not made public pending notification of his relatives, was found Sunday about 11:10 p.m. by a building security guard at 8306 Variel Ave., Lt. John Rogers said. "The security guard found him after he heard a shot and went to look," Rogers said.
September 8, 2002
Re "Videos Are Weapons in Surf City Feud," Sept. 1: What a sad and amazing story. Mr. Rogers' neighborhood is a lonely, paranoid place where his pain about being a victim of a violent crime has permanently disabled him. John Rogers is sick and delusional. He has four cars and only two spaces. Answer: Get rid of two cars. It's a simple rule. As for his video harassment, the answer is simple too. Each homeowner must file an individual lawsuit. He will have to fight dozens of lawsuits and will be bankrupt in the end. Adam Novicki Los Angeles
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