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John Shaw

May 4, 1994 | MIKE PENNER
The Rams as free agents, what a sight. John Shaw standing on a freeway overpass holding a cardboard sign that reads, "Will Miss the Playoffs for All Revenue From Tickets, Sky Boxes, Club Seats, Parking and Concessions." So it's official. So the Rams are up for auction, eagerly awaiting any and all offers after forking over $2 million Tuesday to buy their way out of their Anaheim Stadium lease. What say the bidders?
On Tuesday, Rams management will formally notify the city of Anaheim that the team is giving 15 months' notice of its intention to terminate its Anaheim Stadium lease. While the action can be rescinded, its intent is to give the National Football League franchise the option of exploring opportunities in other cities hungry for pro football, such as Baltimore, St. Louis and Memphis, Tenn.
April 23, 1994 | T.J. SIMERS
Contrary to reports across the country, John Shaw, Ram executive vice president, said the team is continuing to negotiate a contract with Dallas wide receiver Alvin Harper with the intention of trading for him during the first round of the NFL draft. "I think the deal is still alive," Shaw said Friday night. The Cardinals have offered a second-round pick to swap positions in the first round with the Rams, and the Vikings have dangled both of their first-round picks (No.
January 23, 1994 | T.J. SIMERS
John Shaw, the Rams' executive vice president, met for the first time with representatives of the Maryland Stadium Authority last Thursday to discuss the team's possible move to Baltimore. Shaw reportedly met secretly with Herbert J. Belgrad, chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority, and two other interested parties involved in Baltimore's quest for a team. "The meeting was preliminary, and underline the word preliminary ," a source said. Maryland Gov.
December 4, 1993
So John Shaw thinks the Southern California football fans don't support the Rams and won't come out to Anaheim Stadium. Victories, victories, victories! Which word didn't you understand, John? RANDY SANDEEN Diamond Bar If I were Jim Everett, I would have been praying the Rams would cut me because he'd be on a better team right now if they had. JOAN CAREY Apple Valley I think the Rams should move to Baltimore. Then we could concentrate on how bad the Raiders really are. P.J. GENDELL Beverly Hills
A phone call to the Rams' Booster Club--the number is 4GO-RAMS--resulted in a somewhat surprising recording: We're sorry, you have reached a number that is no longer in service . . . The way the Rams have been driving fans away, there's probably no need for a booster club hot line. 4GO-RAMS? It should be FORGO-RAMS, because that's what football fans have been doing this season in Anaheim.
November 20, 1993
Only the Rams would cough up a million bucks for a great punter like Sean Landeta at this point in another lost season. Those six extra yards per kick might be just what they need . . . to blow the first pick in the draft. HOWARD COLE Santa Monica I am appalled by the comments of John Shaw (Nov. 18). Mr. Shaw is disappointed that Ram attendance is not as good as he hoped for and is "exploring the economic viability of staying in Anaheim." Well, good. Where would you expect to draw well with the product you have put on the field in recent years?
November 13, 1993
The Rams are so inept they can't even pull off a decent quarterback controversy. DANA MERINO Studio City I read that the Rams are starting Jim Everett on Sunday and now are going to make a run at the playoffs. I'm a little confused. What were they trying to do in the first half? In truth, I'm scared to find out. JASON BARRY Los Angeles Dear City of Baltimore, If the Los Angeles Rams move to Baltimore, your city will still be known as a city without an NFL franchise.
December 31, 1991 | TIM KAWAKAMI
Ram Executive Vice President John Shaw acknowledged Monday that he conducted a "preliminary discussion" about the team's coaching vacancy with Chuck Knox over the weekend and has set up a meeting Thursday with Mike Holmgren, the San Francisco 49ers' offensive coordinator. Shaw went to Knox's home in Palm Springs Saturday.
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