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Johnson And Johnson

November 29, 1988 | TOM HAMILTON, Times Staff Writer
Winning league titles and advancing to the semifinals of the Southern Section basketball playoffs has become almost routine at Capistrano Valley High School, so why should the 1988-89 season be any different? Capistrano Valley, under veteran Coach Mark Thornton, has won the league title 6 of the past 8 years and has reached the final four of the playoffs five times.
September 17, 1990 | DON SNOWDEN
"Stormy Monday" figured to be a mighty popular song at the 11th annual Long Beach Blues Festival at Cal State Long Beach on Saturday. This year's event was dedicated to T-Bone Walker, who wrote that classic blues, but none of Saturday's headliners mentioned Walker. Nor were there any references to another Texas blues guitarzan, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.
March 24, 1993 | From Associated Press
The New York Knicks lost three players after a brawl, then lost their poise in the second half. And after the Phoenix Suns beat New York, 121-92, Tuesday night, the Suns were calling for the season-long suspension of Knick guard Greg Anthony, who charged on the court in his street clothes to punch Phoenix guard Kevin Johnson. "I put a good pick on Doc Rivers and ran off the court. Then the guys proceeded to chase myself, so you have to defend yourself," said Johnson, the Suns' point guard.
February 27, 1999 | From Staff Reports
Valley Pac-8 Conference rivals Poly (15-11) and North Hollywood (14-12) will meet today at 2 p.m. in a City Section Division boys' basketball semifinal at L.A. Southwest College. Poly relies on 6-foot-3 senior guard James Word, who scored 29 points in a quarterfinal victory over San Fernando. Since returning from academic ineligibility, Word is averaging 23.3 points in 10 games. "He makes everybody else better," Poly Coach Jay Werner said.
August 30, 1995 | KATHRYN BOLD
French food, cancan girls and a replica of the Eiffel Tower made 150 guests feel like Americans in Paris at the 1995 Founders Plus Gala. Called "A Parisian Affair," the French-themed soiree took place at the Cowan Heights chateau of Mark Chapin Johnson on Sunday. The $100-per-person gala was open to members of Founders Plus, a service organization of the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa.
March 6, 1997 | ANN CONWAY
The scene: A crush of classical-music buffs rubbed elbows with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra President Werner Resel and guest conductor Daniel Berenboim at the Center Club in Costa Mesa on Tues- day night. Resel and Berenboim, mu- sic director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra who is conducting the Vienna musicians on their world tour, were fresh from the orchestra's Orange County premiere Tuesday at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa.
September 13, 2004 | By Ronald D. White
Silvia Cordero eyed the row of disinfecting gels, soaps and hand sanitizers at a Rite Aid in Culver City with the intensity of a drill sergeant preparing troops for a skirmish with the H1N1 flu virus. "They're going in my car, in my desk at work and in my sons' backpacks," the 28-year-old said. "I don't really like the way any of them feel on my skin, but they might help keep us healthy." Concerns about the contagiousness and severity of the H1N1 flu strain have generated a boom in the hand-sanitizer market.
November 18, 1996 | MICHAEL BROWNRIGG, Michael Brownrigg is a U.S. diplomat and trade negotiator whose last posting was in Hong Kong. He is a visiting fellow at the Pacific Council on International Policy, headquartered at USC. The views expressed are his own
Having returned from overseas after a three-year sojourn, I find that the voices of cowards in our country have gotten louder. It's troubling. Fear of immigrants, fear of lawsuits, fear of offending people by honest speech--it's all on the upswing and it's gnawing at what makes our country great. But if we define cowardice as the fear of defeat even while holding overwhelming advantage, then those who counsel retreat from the international marketplace are truly our nation's most abject cowards.
The evidence has piled up. Now it's insurmountable. The Tennessee Titans own the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville running back Fred Taylor can't acknowledge it, even after a 27-13 loss to the Titans on Monday night that was the Jaguars' fifth to their rival in a row--including their only three losses last season, the final one in the AFC championship game. "I still think we're better," Taylor said. "I know it sounds stupid, and it will keep sounding stupid until we beat them."
November 8, 1989 | MIKE DOWNEY
It was like having a pizza delivered and finding everything on it except the sauce and the cheese. For the first time at the Forum since 1975, the Fabulous Laker Boys had to play a game of basketball without Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on their payroll--and what happened? They got Magic Johnson taken away from them, too. What's the matter, doesn't anybody want the Lakers to have their whole starting five anymore?
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