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Joshua Tree

November 2, 2013 | By Ken Schwencke
A shallow magnitude 3.2 earthquake was reported Saturday morning 39 miles from Joshua Tree, Calif., according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 11:23 a.m. Pacific time at a depth of 0.6 miles. The epicenter was 40 miles from Twentynine Palms, Calif., 40 miles from Yucca Valley, Calif., 43 miles from Barstow, Calif., and 256 miles from Phoenix, according to the USGS. In the last 10 days, there have been no earthquakes magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby.
April 27, 2014
PAPUA NEW GUINEA Slide show Pierre Odier will share his insights on Papua New Guinea, one of the last places where primitive man can still be seen in his natural Stone Age environment. When, where: 7:30 p.m. Monday at Distant Lands, 20 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena. Admission, info: Free. RSVP to (626) 449-3220. WOMEN Workshop Hostelling International will conduct a workshop for women interested in traveling alone. Topics to be covered include health and safety.
January 23, 2013 | By Lauren Beale, Los Angeles Times
British Invasion singer Eric Burdon, who sang with the Animals and then the funk band War, has listed his retreat in Joshua Tree for sale at $999,000. The Southwestern-style gated house, built in 2007, sits on 2.5 acres surrounded by native plants and encircled by an adobe wall. The 3,200-square-foot-plus courtyard-style home features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a laundry room and an office. There is a studio with a woodburning stove. Outdoor amenities include a heated saltwater pool, a spa and a rooftop deck.
April 23, 2014 | By Elaine Woo
When Adrianne Wadewitz became a Wikipedia contributor 10 years ago she decided to use a pseudonym, certain that fellow scholars at Indiana University would frown on writing for the often-maligned "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. " But Wadewitz eventually came out as a Wikipedian, the term the encyclopedia uses to describe the tens of thousands of volunteers who write and edit its pages. A rarity as a woman in the male-centric Wikipedia universe, she became one of its most valued and prolific contributors as well as a force for diversifying its ranks and demystifying its inner workings.
May 31, 2013 | By David A. Keeps
Joshua Tree first cast its spell on nature lovers and New Age spiritual seekers. Then the high desert community seduced musicians, artists and other urban refugees with affordable real estate. Now the frontier town has yet another draw: The retail backwater is an emerging shopping destination. New stores - some opened, some on the way - are making Joshua Tree a more interesting detour not only for junkyard discoveries but also for handmade goods by the growing community of artists who now call the area home.
April 8, 2012
I enjoyed the article featuring Joshua Tree National Park and the Gateway Communities ["Between Rocks and a Hot Place," March 25, by Christopher Reynolds] until it became apparent that the writer erased the town of Yucca Valley from existence. I'm certain he noticed the town. He had to drive right through it on his way to Joshua Tree and to Pioneertown. He probably even filled up your car at one of our gas stations. But what he missed (and what your readers missed) were mention of the High Desert Nature Museum, Desert Christ Park, Old Town Yucca Valley and any of the 10 or so lodging opportunities in the town.
January 27, 2002
I thoroughly enjoyed the article "Camera Ready Inside Joshua Tree" (Weekend Escape, Jan. 13). As a graduate student at UC Irvine in the late '70s and early in 1998, I spent winter vacations in Joshua Tree. All my photos remind me of a totally alien landscape, almost prehistoric. The isolation of the campsites was something right out of Stephen King: the cold morning silence with not a breath of wind; weird rock formations; twisted and aged metal and wood in the most ungodly places; palm and Joshua trees; cactus; the occasional beer bash.
June 17, 2013 | By Jean Merl and Kate Mather
A 46-year-old man who police say chased down his estranged wife and stabbed her to death in the middle of a residential neighborhood was arrested early Monday morning in San Bernardino County. Michael Rodney Kane forced his way into a West Hills Home on Saturday morning where his wife, Michelle Ann Kane, 43, was staying. He then chased her down the street and killed her, police said. He later fled the scene. LAPD homicide detective Dave Peteque told KTLA-TV Channel 5 that the search moved to San Bernardino County after sheriff's deputies there found Kane's abandoned vehicle.
March 31, 2012
Joshua Tree boasts fabulous authentic Indian food in a small family-run restaurant called, believe it or not, Sam's Pizza. It also serves pizza and offers carry-out service. Open Mondays-Saturdays 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Sundays 3-8 p.m. Sam's Pizza, 61380 Twentynine Palms Highway; (760) 366-9511, no website. Cheryl Kohr Redondo Beach
March 25, 2012 | By Christopher Reynolds, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
It's a dry heat - a boulder-studded, wind-raked Mojave heat, in which rock stars lie low, artists think big, marines train, weird plants jut toward the sun like beseeching biblical figures, and climbers cling to granite walls like insects stuck to flypaper, except the climbers are way happier. That's a notable thing about Joshua Tree National Park and the towns around it. While legions of Californians keep their faces to the beach, no matter the season, a certain stripe of traveler is powerless to resist the desert, especially in cooler months.
March 27, 2014 | By Deborah Vankin
Phillip K. Smith III's art installation “Lucid Stead” lighted up the Joshua Tree desert for two weekends in October. The wooden shack, tricked out with mirrored slats and multicolored LEDs, stood alone in a dusty clearing where about 400 people trekked to ogle it. The shimmering shack lived far longer online, however, where it became an Internet sensation. A video of it garnered more than 300,000 views on Now Smith has been commissioned to produce an even more elaborate light installation at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
March 6, 2014 | By Mary Forgione, Daily Deal and Travel Blogger
Climbing routes in the northern part of Joshua Tree National Park have been closed temporarily so as not to disturb a pair of golden eagles nesting in the area. The routes in the Indian Cove area may remain shut as late as mid-June, according to the National Park Service . "The nesting pair appears to have finished constructing a nest, and this area will remain closed until the nest has been abandoned to ensure the protection of the species for the duration of the nesting activities," a park statement says.
February 12, 2014 | By Lisa Boone, This post has been updated, as indicated below.
Calling all punk enthusiasts: Singer Exene Cervenka is downsizing and shedding more than 40 years of antiques in the process at a four-day estate sale beginning Thursday in Santa Ana. "One hundred years of Americana needs a good home," Cervenka said of the upcoming sale. "Treasured memories of the past can live on in your hands. Like a small inheritance, but without the squabbling with siblings. " Items include what you might expect from the former member of the iconic Los Angeles band X: Electric guitars and old carnival chalk prizes.
January 10, 2014 | By S. Irene Virbila
On a short jaunt to the desert between Christmas and New Year's Day, my friends and I (four in all, in a rented house) ran out of coffee rather precipitously. Without coffee -- strong coffee --how are you going to ever get up for an early morning hike in the park? We had a four-cup French press with us, and I didn't relish trying to make some decent joe in that with a can of Folger's from the general market. Bingo! At the farmers market in town that Saturday morning, we found a stand where Royce Robertson and his wife, Ikeke, were selling fresh, certified organic coffee beans.
December 13, 2013 | By Louis Sahagun
In recent years, California's Agassiz's desert tortoise population has been decimated by shootings, residential and commercial development, vehicle traffic, respiratory disease and predation by ravens, dogs and coyotes. Now, dwindling populations of the reptiles with scruffy carapaces and skin as tough as rhino hide are facing an even greater threat: longer droughts spurred by climate change in their Sonoran Desert kingdom of arroyos and burrows, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey study.
December 2, 2013
WILDLIFE Slide show Carl Palazzolo, wildlife veterinarian, conservationist and photographer, will share his wildlife and conservation work around the world, as well as his Africa safari pictures in a 90-minute slide show. When, where: 7 p.m. Tuesday at Brix Wine & New York Deli, 16635 Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach. Admission, info: Free. (562) 592-3167. First-come basis. SAFETY Workshop Experts will explain where and why avalanches occur.
November 19, 2013 | By Lisa Boone
Like so many handmade designs, Bari Ziperstein's stoneware coasters are distinctive in their size, color and shape. The Glassell Park artist said she is inspired by Finnish patterns and the California desert in creating her Bzippy & Co. collection, which includes jewelry, brutalist vases and bowls, bud vases and pyramid lamps. The heavy stoneware coasters are hand-painted circles or hexagons, easily stacked on a table. A set of four is $45. They're available at Individual Melody in Los Angeles, ReForm School in Silver Lake, Fifth Floor in Chinatown, Platform in Highland Park, the Orange County Museum of Art Museum Shop in Newport Beach and BKB Ceramics   in Joshua Tree.
November 14, 2013 | By Anne Harnagel
It's easy to spot heavenly bodies in SoCal -- just check out the beach or your local gym -- but heavenly bodies of the celestial kind, well, not so much. That's where Joshua Tree National Park and its dark night skies can help. It is partnering with Celestron Telescopes , NASA, American Park Network and the Joshua Tree National Park Assn . to host a stargazing event for the public on Nov. 23 from 6:30 to 10 p.m. As part of "My Night Sky," stargazers will learn about the night sky from local experts and use a variety of telescopes from the most basic to high-powered computerized models.
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