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Judge Karlin S Reelection

June 14, 1992
I must express my great disappointment in the reelection of Judge Karlin. My disappointment and anger extend to my people in the black community who did not take the time and effort to vote to ensure this unqualified individual did not continue to hand down decisions that are unfair and unjust. I ask what does it take for this community to get motivated? As a new resident of Los Angeles County, I watched in horror and disbelief when Judge Karlin sentenced the Korean grocer to five years' probation for the killing of Latasha Harlins.
June 14, 1992
Judge Karlin keeps talking about a "vocal minority" trying to impose its view on a "larger majority of the community." What majority? The jury found the woman who killed Latasha Harlins guilty of voluntary manslaughter. It was Karlin's own racism that prompted her to rule that the life of a black child is worth not even one day in jail. I don't think most Americans expect their judges to be "politically correct." But we do expect them to be just. And if they're not just, they should be thrown out of the system that Karlin professes to promote.
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