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Julie Davis

December 2, 1987
I would like to commend Fleming for his deep and caring involvement for the welfare of the mentally ill among the homeless. I am pleased to say I was touched and personally moved from the article's sensitive touch. I happen to have the misfortune of having a schizophrenic brother. I see him bounce back and forth from one rehabilitation center to the next. In between, he's living on the streets. I completely agree with Fleming that there is a definite need to remove the mentally ill from the streets and give them the proper care they need.
June 7, 1997
Overcast mornings are typical in June, as are warm days. Many summer flowers and vegetables thrive in the sunny days ahead. Just make sure to increase watering as the weather continues to warm up.
June 11, 2010 | By Gary Goldstein
"Finding Bliss" is a modestly entertaining film that, er, strips away the rougher edges of the porn business to reveal a fairly conventional romantic heart. Writer-director Julie Davis ("Amy's Orgasm") draws on her own early Hollywood experiences to tell the good-natured story of Jody Balaban (Leelee Sobieski), an aspiring, if romantically — and sexually — challenged young filmmaker who falls into an editing job at porn company Grind Productions, which serves to open her eyes and heart to the world around her. Predictable?
November 3, 2002
Regarding "Betting That Home Prices Will Cool Off" by Julie Bawden Davis, Oct. 13: What we are witnessing now with the real estate market is a parallel of the Internet stock bubble of just over 1 1/2 years ago as well as the real estate bubble burst of the early to mid-'90s. As with the Internet bubble, all common sense and traditional means of valuation have been tossed aside. If you want to negotiate on one of these inflated beauties, the selling agent will politely escort you to the door.
"All Over the Guy" is a romantic comedy of wit and substance that actor-writer Dan Bucatinsky and director Julie Davis have moved gracefully from stage to screen with a change of title and sexual orientation. Bucatinsky starred in his play "I Know You Are, but What Am I?" with Nicole Tocantins. In the screen version he's paired with Richard Ruccolo.
July 6, 1996
Giving plants a quick drink now and then is OK on hot days, but it's no substitute for deep irrigation. Regular harvesting is also important. If you don't pick vegetables often enough, plants can go to seed and quit producing.
January 6, 1996
Though January is one of our coldest months, there is still a lot of activity in the garden. It's time to buy and plant bare-root plants such as roses and fruit trees. There are also a variety of flowers and vegetables that can be put in the ground now.
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