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December 2, 1990
What memories "The Real Indiana Jones" by Alan Weisman (Oct. 14), brought back. While traveling in Guatemala, I had a chance to fly into the jungle to view ancient ruins. In a small, four-passenger plane, we flew over the jungle for some time, wondering where a landing could be made. Soon we found a "hole" in the jungle, apparently cut through trees, and set down on a small airstrip. A small encampment of archeologists from Guatemala City was located within the ruins. We were invited to lunch and a tour of their findings.
March 26, 1986
There is something very wrong in a society where a police officer draws his gun and kills a beautiful, friendly dog for no apparent reason. (Times, March 5), "Dog's Death Gives Life to Controversy." Transfer this scene to the jungle where the same officer is threatened by a charging tiger or lion, a snake or any wild beast, we then find justification for the officer's act. Or are we all now living in a jungle where a policeman can feel threatened and motivated to kill a 50-pound black Labrador?
December 15, 1985
As the president of the Crenshaw Apartment Improvement Program, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ruth Ryon for the very fine article (Dec. 1) on the apartment community infamously known as "The Jungle." This article has had a provocative impact on the community, and has served as a source of motivation to many who now want to get involved. Again, Ruth, thank you for your very fair and well-balanced reporting, and hopefully your efforts in cleaning up "The Jungle" will serve to make you proud as well.
October 10, 1989 | From Associated Press
A man hunting small game was trampled to death by a wild elephant in the jungle 90 miles southeast of Kuala Lumpur, police said Monday. Abdullah Sulaiman, 41, suffered head injuries and died in Repoh Forest on Saturday, they said. Elephants are protected animals in Malaysia.
October 16, 2003 | From Associated Press
Caterpillar Inc. has sued to block next week's U.S. release of Disney's "George of the Jungle 2," alleging that the direct-to-DVD movie damages the heavy equipment maker's reputation. The Peoria-based company's trademark infringement lawsuit contends the movie ties Caterpillar to an "evil attacking army" of industrialists seeking to destroy the jungle, a central theme of the Disney sequel.
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