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October 16, 2003 | From Associated Press
Caterpillar Inc. has sued to block next week's U.S. release of Disney's "George of the Jungle 2," alleging that the direct-to-DVD movie damages the heavy equipment maker's reputation. The Peoria-based company's trademark infringement lawsuit contends the movie ties Caterpillar to an "evil attacking army" of industrialists seeking to destroy the jungle, a central theme of the Disney sequel.
December 15, 1985
As the president of the Crenshaw Apartment Improvement Program, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ruth Ryon for the very fine article (Dec. 1) on the apartment community infamously known as "The Jungle." This article has had a provocative impact on the community, and has served as a source of motivation to many who now want to get involved. Again, Ruth, thank you for your very fair and well-balanced reporting, and hopefully your efforts in cleaning up "The Jungle" will serve to make you proud as well.
May 11, 2013 | Los Angeles Times
Siesta Suites Hotel is a charming place, in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but serenely peaceful. It's small (20 suites with kitchens ) but comfortable. There is a long patio for relaxing and enjoying the gardens and the odd bird tweet, yet the Giggling Marlin and the Jungle are only a block or so away. It's professionally managed with friendly help. Siesta Suites Hotel, Calle Emiliano Zapata, Cabo San Lucas; (866) 271-0952, . Standard room or suite, $69 a night; penthouse, $80 a night.
December 2, 1990
What memories "The Real Indiana Jones" by Alan Weisman (Oct. 14), brought back. While traveling in Guatemala, I had a chance to fly into the jungle to view ancient ruins. In a small, four-passenger plane, we flew over the jungle for some time, wondering where a landing could be made. Soon we found a "hole" in the jungle, apparently cut through trees, and set down on a small airstrip. A small encampment of archeologists from Guatemala City was located within the ruins. We were invited to lunch and a tour of their findings.
March 26, 1986
There is something very wrong in a society where a police officer draws his gun and kills a beautiful, friendly dog for no apparent reason. (Times, March 5), "Dog's Death Gives Life to Controversy." Transfer this scene to the jungle where the same officer is threatened by a charging tiger or lion, a snake or any wild beast, we then find justification for the officer's act. Or are we all now living in a jungle where a policeman can feel threatened and motivated to kill a 50-pound black Labrador?
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