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Jury System California

August 22, 1999 | W.A. GUTHRIE, W.A. Guthrie is chairman of the legislative committee of the Grand Jurors Assn. of Orange County. He writes from Laguna Hills
Assemblyman Scott Baugh's bill (AB 527) is not grand jury reform. It is a bill oriented to the ultimate destruction of the grand jury system in California. We went through such a period during the Rose Bird era of the state Supreme Court with the result that few criminal cases were brought to the grand jury and district attorneys were forced to go to preliminary trials--a much more costly and less effective method.
May 4, 1996 | SUSAN KING
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November 5, 1987 | PHILIP HAGER, Times Staff Writer
The California Supreme Court was urged Wednesday to grant county grand juries broad authority to make public the testimony and other evidence they receive in their secret investigations of governmental actions. Attorneys for the McClatchy Newspapers and a coalition of grand juror associations told the court in oral argument here that such disclosures serve the public's right to know about the operations of government.
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