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July 28, 2013
Re "Kaiser's rising premiums spark employer backlash," July 25 Why is HMO Kaiser Permanente raising its premiums through the roof? In his book "Deadly Spin," former insurance company executive Wendell Potter wrote that the health insurance industry is dominated by a few large companies that have no reason to keep rate increases reasonable. I say that if insurance companies such as Kaiser Permanente continue to raise rates with impunity, don't be surprised if voters demand the public insurance option that President Obama originally proposed as part of his healthcare reform plan.
August 15, 1990
Kaiser Electronics in San Jose won a $225,270 contract to supply circuit card assembly to the Army.
July 13, 1997
For years I've been critical of the HMO/managed-care philosophy. It seemed to be a sure-fire loser for the individual consumer to pit health care against an institutionalized profit motive. However, even I didn't think that a major HMO, Kaiser Permanente, would be so greedy as to invest in the tobacco industry ("Kaiser Getting Rid of Tobacco Investments," June 26). Just because Kaiser is not violating any law by investing in Philip Morris Cos. does not excuse Kaiser's conduct. Words like hypocritical, irresponsible and amoral come to mind to describe Kaiser's callousness.
April 23, 1998 | Dow Jones
Beckman Coulter Inc. said it has received a five-year contract to provide clinical chemistry analyzers to Kaiser Permanente. Financial terms weren't disclosed. The Fullerton-based company said Kaiser will use the equipment in the HMO's medical centers, medical office laboratories and clinics. Beckman said it expects the contract to generate "significant sales." Beckman Coulter provides instruments for laboratories, life sciences and clinical diagnostics.
October 13, 2002
I have read of Kaiser Permanente's concern about people and health maintenance organizations ["Rising Costs Put Pressure on Kaiser," Sept. 29]. If Kaiser is so concerned on a moralistic and humanistic level, how come it has discontinued service to me after 47 years of membership? I realize that it's not just me but 2,500 to 2,800 elder citizens in the Coachella Valley. I realize that Kaiser is a business just as any other HMO, but it sends me messages about all the new building and improvements it is doing and then accuses me of not being "cost effective."
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