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Kanan Road

June 4, 1986 | BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer
Speeding tickets will be handed out on an assembly-line basis this summer to beachgoers who race along a dangerous Agoura-area mountain road, California Highway Patrol officials said Tuesday. Two teams of officers will clock Kanan Road speeders with radar guns, and two other teams will usher offending motorists into special stopping lanes where citations will be issued to three or four drivers at a time, CHP officials said.
July 11, 1985 | BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer
Along with advertisements hawking suntan oil and hamburgers, beach-goers traveling a popular Agoura-area mountain road Monday encountered a new message: Hand-painted warnings that popular Kanan Road is a potential death alley.
January 30, 1985 | GREG BRAXTON and BOB POOL, Times Staff Writers
A masked killer shot to death a 60-year-old woman, a descendant of pioneer Agoura-area families, at a horse corral in Woodland Hills on Tuesday afternoon. Judy Kanan was shot four or five times, apparently with a pistol, when she arrived at the corral for her regular morning visit to feed her horses, police said.
Five years ago today, Judy Kanan, a strong-willed 68-year-old businesswoman and descendant of a pioneer family, stopped by a Woodland Hills corral to feed her pets--six Arabian horses that she fawned over like children. It was her daily ritual to care for the horses she loved, and residents near the stables on a cul-de-sac on Collins Street knew the sight of Kanan and her old Chevy well. But on that Tuesday afternoon--Jan. 29, 1985--a killer also knew Kanan's routine well.
August 2, 1990
America, the Land of the Free? Except in Agoura Hills. After reading about the people of El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala who are seeking work as painters, masons, gardeners and laborers, it is apparent the Agoura Hills City Council and their backers do not understand compassion. The workers only want to support their families. Is that so difficult to understand? I do, however, agree that the location at Roadside Drive and Kanan Road is not a good site for these people to gather to seek employment.
August 27, 1989
About the Mulholland Sunday closure from Kanan Road to Seminole Hot Springs (Aug. 5): Is this an efficient and economical use of sheriff's and CHP personnel? If the object of the exercise is to end street racing, then identify the dozen or so young men who insist on misusing the public road and impound their vehicles and restrict their licenses. As it is now, the cops are used as hired thugs to harass the business and patrons at the Rockstore, which is being scapegoated as the cause of street racing.
April 27, 1985
Special weekend traffic-control measures will go into effect today in Agoura Hills to handle an expected 10,000-car-per-day traffic increase caused by the opening of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, authorities said Friday. About a dozen California Highway Patrol officers and Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies will be on duty in the vicinity of the spring carnival, which begins its annual six-weekend run today at the Old Paramount Ranch.
December 27, 1990
A few weeks ago, I had an experience trying to park in Santa Monica and it helped clarify my thinking on the Jordan Ranch proposal. I needed to park at a surgical center, but the parking structure was full. I asked the attendant if I could park along the side of the driveway or on the landing between the levels where I could see space was available. He very politely explained that the structure was built to accommodate only a certain number of cars, that it contained that many cars and that I would have to secure parking elsewhere.
April 21, 1989 | GABE FUENTES, Times Staff Writer
Agoura Hills has accepted a 6-acre land donation for a new library and community center, city officials said Thursday. Construction of a 25,000-square-foot library is expected to begin in two years on the property, a hill near an office park on Canwood Street east of Kanan Road, Mayor Darlene McBane said. The land was donated by longtime Agoura-area landowner Patricia Kanan in exchange for the city's promise to name the facility the Kanan Family Library, McBane said. One room will be named for Patricia Kanan and one for her late sister, Judy, who was fatally shot in 1985.
Dear Street Smart: I work in Westlake and often eat lunch at some of the restaurants off Roadside Drive in the nearby community of Agoura Hills. The problem is, every time I exit the southbound Ventura Freeway at Kanan Road to get to Loozy Anne's or an eatery at the Whizin's shopping center, there seems to be a near accident at the corner of Roadside and Kanan.
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