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Kathie Jenkins

December 4, 1988
There is no way in the world that I would intentionally wind up in a celebrity-catering restaurant like those compiled by Kathie Jenkins for Calendar's restaurant listing ("Knowing Where to Nosh With Celebs," Nov. 13). I am not a masochist or doormat who enjoys being placed in humiliating situations. I become combative if someone attempts to sneak in line ahead of me and my party. Places like Hal's Bar and Grill, reviewed by L.N. Halliburton ("Hal's: When You're Haute You're Haute," Nov. 13)
July 29, 1994
Hold it. Stop the presses. I demand a retraction or at least a clarification. In "From Plain Pooches to Top Dogs" (July 14) Kathie Jenkins quotes anonymous dog show judges as incredulously allowing that, "Yes, even corgis are beautiful." As the owner of two such creatures and a member of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California, I am stunned. I can only assume another breed was the intended target. Corgis (corgwyn actually) are beautiful by all true canine standards: Foxlike faces with eyes ringed by natural "eyeliner," usually a crisp white blaze from nose to forehead and large ears held erect combine to handsomely betray the breed's intelligence and aesthetic appeal.
April 27, 1995
I enjoyed Kathie Jenkins' article on pressure cooking (March 23). Only recently did I rediscover the pressure cooker when my husband and I bought one for the microwave. Not only does it speed up the time from the stove-top pressure cooking but it has been fun making different meals. I would enjoy an article about this kind of pressure cooking. Ours is made by Nordic Ware, and they have been very helpful in sending us extra recipes and offering advise and information. --ARDEE JAGT Crestline Thank you for a great article on pressure cooking and the amusing '50s presentation.
June 26, 1994
As if the waiter profession weren't demeaning enough, now comes "snitching" (Restaurant News, June 5). Kathie Jenkins' article portrays waiters as oppressive and restaurant patrons as their helpless victims. Her article also suggests that waiters need to be kept in line. No, I'm not a disgruntled waiter, just the boyfriend of one. I dine frequently at her restaurant (a Beverly Hills eatery that recently enjoyed a glowing review in your paper) and get the privilege of seeing firsthand the arrogance, intolerance and cheapness with which she and her ilk are treated, regardless of the quality of service.
February 19, 1989
Comfort foods are a good remedy for the blues. Eat 'n' Park, 2517 W. Victory Blvd., Burbank, (818) 843-9301. Style: Ex-drive-in serving diner food the way it really used to be. Setting: Leatherette booths, lunch counter, easy listenin' music. Recommended: Beef barley soup; chicken fried steak with Arkansas gravy; apple strudel. Cost: $4-$10. Mary's Lamb, 13624 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, (818) 501-7700. Style: Home cooking for baby boomers.
February 14, 1993
I don't want to make a big thing out of a restaurant-section blurb, especially in view of the state of the planet, but I could not help but be offended by Kathie Jenkins' jabs at Roger Verge (Restaurant News, Jan. 31). First, may I point out that the accents in French are not mere ornaments to be left off when one is feeling minimalistic? If you don't respect the man, at least dig up the accent aigu out of the ol' font set and spell his name right! For the record, I too was somewhat appalled by the paucity of Americans and women invited to the "Merci Julia!"
December 12, 1993
Regarding "Marvin Braude Nibbles While Restaurateurs Burn," by Kathie Jenkins (Restaurant News, Nov. 28): I must agree with the restaurateurs: All these fanatical nonsmokers should be more concerned with the air we breathe in Los Angeles and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in our places of work. I can bet they never ask when the last time maintenance was performed on these systems and what they're inhaling every day from the debris. At one time we all seemed to get along together; we had our sections, and they had theirs.
February 26, 1989
Want to know where the terminally trendy go to eat these days? DC 3, at the Santa Monica Airport, 2800 Donald Douglas Loop N., Santa Monica. (213) 399-2323. Style: No plane food, no plain folk--updated grill food. Setting: Super sculptor Chuck Arnoldi's version of a 1990s Musso & Frank's. Recommended dishes: Chilean Sea bass in saffron broth; charred tuna with citrus sauce; rack of lamb. Cost per person: $22-$50. Fennel, 1535 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica.
October 25, 1990
It is better, we say, to give a fruitcake than to receive one. Lots better. But this is the wrong attitude, altogether wrong, totally, totally wrong . . . even though sometimes it may have a deceptive appearance of justness. Actually, a properly made fruitcake is one of the glories of our heritage, steeped in tradition and rum, and this is the time of year to start making them for Christmas.
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