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The new $4-million Beverly Hills Spago would seem the natural lair for the media moguls Ken Auletta has such a deft touch in making talk. What better place for a Rupert Murdoch, Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisner or John Malone to dine?
May 30, 1993
A growing congressional backlash against violent television programming has caught the attention of TV executives. Influential voices in Congress are warning that if the industry doesn't cut back on murder and mayhem in its entertainment shows, legislative remedies are likely. Industry officials say they agree TV violence needs to be controlled but argue that it should be left to the industry to police itself.
December 15, 2009
The Early Show The Golden Globe nominations; Anna Kendrick; Julian Lennon. (N) 7 a.m. KCBS Today Stanley Tucci; Golden Globe nominations; Jeff Bridges ("Crazy Heart"); Usher. (N) 7 a.m. KNBC KTLA Morning News (N) 7 a.m. KTLA Good Morning America Griffin Dunne. (N) 7 a.m. KABC Good Day L.A. (N) 7 a.m. KTTV Live With Regis and Kelly Guest co-host Anderson Cooper; Fergie ("Nine"); Chris Byrne. (N) 9 a.m. KABC The View Sigourney Weaver; Sam Worthington; Snoop Dogg.
November 29, 2009 | By Joy Press
Googled The End of the World as We Know It Ken Auletta Penguin Press: 400 pp., $27.95 " Google" has become as common a word as any in the modern vocabulary. We google phone numbers instead of picking up a phone book; we google for dirt on potential dates and celebrities; we google ourselves, to see what trace we've left in the digital ether. Google has become synonymous with user-friendly efficiency, via its search engine and its many free and easy-to-use offshoots.
April 8, 1992 | RANDY HARVEY
The New York Knicks can move one step closer to clinching the NBA Atlantic Division title with a victory tonight over their closest pursuers, the Boston Celtics. The game will be played in Boston Garden, where the Knicks have lost 24 consecutive regular-season games since 1984. But Knick Coach Pat Riley, claims not to be intimidated. "They'll put all that in the papers, but what they won't say is that this team went up there (two years ago) and won the fifth game of the playoff series," he says.
September 9, 1991 | JAMES BATES
One story getting a lot of attention in Ken Auletta's new book about the major television networks, "Three Blind Mice," has CBS Chief Executive Laurence A. Tisch scolding former CBS record chief Walter R. Yetnikoff for wanting to order a bagel at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Auletta says Tisch told the bagel-hungry Yetnikoff he could order half a grapefruit or orange juice. Tisch asks: "You know how much a bagel costs in this hotel?" Granted, it's not cheap.
December 29, 2002 | Gina Piccalo, Times Staff Writer
MIRAMAX chief Harvey Weinstein stood outside the theater after the Los Angeles premiere of "Gangs of New York," greeting colleagues with hearty handshakes and the buoyancy of a winner. He chatted amiably with Variety columnist Army Archerd and bear-hugged director Kevin Smith. There was no sign of the man characterized in a recent New Yorker profile as a bombastic bully who is alienating Hollywood.
March 28, 2001 | From Reuters
Books on how to get rich quick in the stock market, so popular this time last year, are piling up at bookstores, and publishers are taking a hard hit. At a Borders Group Inc. bookstore in Manhattan, stacks of "The Day Trader's Survival Guide" and "The 100 Best Internet Stocks to Own" sit untouched by shoppers.
July 9, 2009 | Joe Flint
How much would you pay a month to look at YouTube? Apparently, investor Warren Buffett is willing to shell out five bucks for the pleasure of seeing dogs skateboard, kids making their own videos and the occasional piece of unlicensed material. At least that's what he told Liberty Media Corp. Chairman John Malone at the Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. Malone shared that tidbit with reporters Wednesday after the morning sessions here.
January 27, 2014 | By Joe Flint
After the coffee. Before making sure I didn't get married while watching the Grammys. The Skinny: Wouldn't it have been funny if Kacey Musgraves went all Richard Sherman on Taylor Swift after beating her in the best country album category at the Grammys? Now that would have been entertaining. Today's headlines includes Grammy coverage and the box office recap. Also, "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno is starting to make the rounds with exit interviews. Daily Dose: If the next time a political spot comes on and the candidate mentions you by name, you may not be hallucinating.
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