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November 4, 2011 | By Matt Donnelly, Los Angeles Times
We've learned that Black Cards, featuring bassist Pete Wentz, will make a surprise performance Friday night at Paul & Andre in Hollywood, as Details magazine brings its "Details @ Midnight" sessions to L.A. And though we hate to ruin a surprise, we love talking to Wentz — about his favorite L.A. venues and the particular sound that makes his son happiest. What's special about a surprise gig ? It can end up being either super disappointing or awesome for the audience.
February 13, 1986 | JIM MURRAY
The trouble with golf is that it does not follow form. The trouble with tennis is that it does. Golf tournaments are won by mystery guests every week. Tennis tournaments are won by the guy who won last week. A guy winning three tournaments in a year in golf gets a ticker-tape parade. A guy winning only three tournaments in tennis is considered a charity case. In golf, with a winner, it's "Who's he?" In tennis, it's "Him again."
March 20, 1998 | JIM MURRAY
When Walter O'Malley moved the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, a lot of people there wanted to hang him in effigy. Others wanted to hang him in person. But what he had done just might have saved baseball. You don't think so? Think that might be a little hyperbolic? Well, just ask any .248 hitter earning $3.1 million. He would have been lucky to get 35 grand back in the days when God was in Heaven and the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. O'Malley moved the game to a new level.
September 10, 1994 | TOM RAGAN
A carwash from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. today at a local gas station will help raise money for Estancia High School's Key Club, an organization that helps the elderly and the homeless. The washes will cost $2. The club, which has been in existence for 25 years, gets 50 cents per vehicle. Alexander Zaslavski, the owner of Your Neighborhood Service Station at El Camino and Mendoza drives, said students will be volunteering as driers to service the cars as they come out of his automated wash and wax.
Wednesday's double bill at the Key Club featuring Jumbo and Zurdok, two top rock en espanol bands from Monterrey, Mexico, proved the No. 1 rule of pop music appreciation: Never judge a band by albums alone. On record, Zurdok sounds superior, with sophisticated orchestrations and electronic effects that achieve uncanny echoes of the Beatles. Its rich and ambitious third album, "Maquillaje," was a critical favorite last year. But on stage Wednesday, Zurdok was a letdown.
February 1, 2008 | Lewis Segal, Times Staff Writer
In celebrating its ninth anniversary Wednesday, the Carnival "Choreographer's Ball" at the Key Club in West Hollywood offered a jampacked and up-to-the-minute survey of the achievements, priorities and limitations of dance in film, television, rock shows and other so-called commercial contexts. As always, this late-night monthly showcase treated a crowd seated or standing on many levels of the club as a community -- the professional dance world.
February 22, 2003 | Mitchell Landsberg and Ken Ellingwood, Times Staff Writers
There have always been risks associated with nightclubs, from brawls to drunken shootouts. Fire has been an ever-present danger. But in recent years, a combination of stringent fire codes, stricter enforcement and improved technology has dramatically reduced the number, and the severity, of nightclub fires. No fire code can protect a club from the unauthorized use of fireworks, such as the display that appears to have caused the Thursday fire in West Warwick, R.I., that has killed 96 people.
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