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Kitchen Utensils

February 5, 1986 | United Press International
People who share toothbrushes, bathtubs, toilets and towels with AIDS patients run virtually no risk of infection, debunking the myth that the dreaded disease can be spread by casual contact, doctors said today. Blanket testing of military personnel and calls for the quarantining of AIDS patients are unnecessary and motivated by fear rather than fact, said the physician who spearheaded the research at New York's Montefiore Medical Center.
You either have the patience for butoh aesthetics or not, but once you slow down to watch bodies unfold or crumple or gingerly walk in this Japanese-born genre of contemporary dance, you hope it repays your attention. Sometimes, the carefully created images--often subtle, usually enigmatic--have a poetic force that suddenly strikes the right note. So it happened with Oguri, as he was slowly writhing underneath a milky plastic floor covering at the Electric Lodge in Venice on Sunday afternoon.
October 17, 1991 | KATHIE BOZANICH
There are malls and there are malls. Newport Antique Mall may be in the same city as the mega South Coast Plaza mall, but the comparisons end there. The 8,400 square feet of the 8 1/2-year old antique mall are stuffed with antique furniture and collectibles in about 45 rooms of various sizes. Antique and collectibles dealers rent space to sell their goods.
June 25, 1985 | From United Press International
Not long ago test chemists at Du Pont boiled more than 100 different liquids, most of them nasty ones like sulfuric acid, in Teflon-lined containers to prove a point and create a new market for the Teflon. The new use for the remarkable plastic is in the piping, filters and containers for the silicon-chip manufacturing industry, where mean acids and chemicals are essential. Teflon, discovered by Roy Plunkett nearly 50 years ago, still seems to be nearly as exotic a man-made product as silicon.
December 13, 1992 | SARAH M. BROWN
In a classroom crowded with teen-agers in various stages of pregnancy, college students jiggled puppets and read from Sesame Street books, imitating the voice of Cookie Monster. The eight therapeutic recreation students from Cal State Dominguez Hills were demonstrating ways of playing with infants to relieve the stress of parenting.
November 9, 1997 | MICHAEL P. LUCAS
When a city of a certain magic shunts its detritus to your door, you go and greet it and make something wonderful: exotic music, a mysterious mask, a dress of many colors. That is, if you are Sara Morris, the new artist-in-residence at the San Francisco dump. Aloft on a windy rise blessed with a panorama of bay and fog and rolling hills and little houses below, Morris' spacious "studio" is one to covet.
December 10, 1992 | PAT GERBER, Pat Gerber is a member of The Times' staff. and
You'd be hard-pressed to find a kitchen gadget that blends form and function as delightfully as Christmas cookie-cutters. Forms range from bells to pot-bellied Santas, and from reindeer to five-pointed stars. Their function: to produce some of the sweetest calorie-laden morsels short of grandma's fudge.
February 12, 2008 | Tiffany Hsu, Times Staff Writer
Cars, bank notes and TVs were going up in flames one chilly winter morning in the parking lot of Universal Chung Wah Funeral Home in Alhambra. Thirteen white-clad relatives of Dam Lam, 87, formed a circle, each cradling a stack of paper models: a foot-long 747 jetliner, a black-and-gold car sitting in the courtyard of a 2-foot-tall, red-tiled paper mansion. One by one, the items were thrown into the fire licking out of a 4-by-4-foot wheeled container, charred from years of use.
April 27, 2007 | From Bloomberg News and Staff Reports
Hogs that ate feed containing the chemical blamed for the deaths of at least 16 pets will be destroyed and their owners compensated, U.S. government officials said Thursday. As many as 6,000 hogs now under quarantine may be affected. "It's the best course of action to humanely slaughter them," said Kenneth Peterson, assistant administrator for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. Meat from the animals also will be destroyed, officials said.
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