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November 15, 1992 | Michael Wilmington
Through the years, there have been many film Draculas. Here are some of the best, most memorable and silliest. . . Nosferatu (1922). Still the greatest movie ever derived from "Dracula," F.W. Murnau's free adaptation--written by Henrik Galeen ("The Golem")--shifts the locale to Bremen, renames the characters (Dracula is Orlok, Harker is Hutter), and adds a horrific plague as the climax.
Since Ang Lee is a truly international director, it is not surprising that his 1994 Oscar-nominated "Eat Drink Man Woman" makes the smoothest of transitions from Taipei to East Los Angeles as "Tortilla Soup." The story of a long-widowed father, a master chef, needing to let go of his three grown daughters is a universal theme, and the common patriarchal traditions of Chinese and Latino cultures make for a good fit.
July 3, 2005 | Susan King, Times Staff Writer
Rarely do film festivals celebrate the good, the bad and even the ugly all at once. But the American Cinematheque's "Mods & Rockers" film festival, which begins Tuesday at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, joyfully embraces both the classic and the truly dreadful.
June 16, 1989 | SHEILA BENSON, Times Film Critic
Fans of "Ghostbusters" can breathe a little easier. It's slimebusting time again and The Boys are back in ferocious form. One-line zingers ricochet around "Ghostbusters II" (citywide) like ectoplasmic ghoulies, contained in a production that builds to a grand finale even funnier than the guys' classic duel with the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. And so, during our descent into the Valley of the Sequels, it's nice to discover that the makers of "Ghostbusters II" have worked hard to keep their movie's edge sharp.
Of all the fang-and-cape monsters prowling through "Interview With the Vampire," the oddest has to be Louis, a depressed thing who prefers drinking blood from poodles rather than people. His adopted daughter, a darling kiddie-vamp, is close. She's cranky now and then, but at least she's not so finicky--grown-ups taste just fine, thank you.
February 5, 2001 | JASON ALEXANDER APUZZO, Jason Alexander Apuzzo holds a doctorate in German studies from Stanford and is presently completing his master's in fine art in production at the USC School of Cinema-Television. He can be reached at
E. Elias Merhige's "Shadow of the Vampire" is a curious film, indeed. By turns whimsical and pitiful, it dramatizes the making of director F.W. Murnau's "Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror" (1922) and in the process becomes a kind of New Age "Sunset Boulevard." "Shadow" explores the exotic, albeit forgotten era of Murnau, actor Max Schreck and the German cinema of the 1920s.
November 20, 2009
Boyle pre-orders a record The upcoming debut album by British singing sensation Susan Boyle has become the largest global CD pre-order in the history of, the online retailer said Thursday. Boyle's album, "I Dreamed a Dream," will be released Tuesday by Sony Music Entertainment. It is the first album since the 48-year-old church volunteer from Scotland took the Internet by storm with her unlikely star turn on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent" in April. Amazon said Boyle's album is not only the top CD pre-order in the United States, but it's also the biggest around the world in the 14-year history of its website.
November 15, 1990 | LEO SMITH
Everything old is new again. The Mayfair Theater in Ventura is old. Movies such as "Gone with the Wind," "On the Waterfront" and "Ben Hur" are old. But put the theater and the movies together and Ventura has a new revival theater. Los Angeles movie buff Kevin von Feldt is the man behind the newest transformation of the Mayfair, a theater that most recently showed Spanish-language films and before that, X-rated movies.
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