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Knott S Berry Farm

December 25, 1993 | DEBRA CANO
Russell Knott leaned back in a chair behind the desk in his unassuming office at Knott's Berry Farm and reminisced about working on the farm--both in the fields and as general manager of the theme park. Knott, 77, also reflected on the city's first tourist attraction, founded by his late parents, Walter and Cordelia, who had settled in Buena Park nearly 74 years ago.
May 13, 1999 | E. SCOTT RECKARD, E. Scott Reckard covers tourism for The Times. He can be reached at (714) 966-7407 and at
At Knott's Berry Farm's Cinco de Mayo debacle promoted by KIIS-FM DJ Rick Dees, the rowdy youths were mainly outside the park--those who didn't get in on the 5-cent admission. But a similar promotion at Disneyland for Halloween in 1994 produced not only horrifying gridlock, brawls and frustrated customers outside the Magic Kingdom but a crime wave inside. "It was a nightmare," recalled Deena Ipolito, a sales clerk at the Emporium on Main Street that day.
June 14, 2011 | By Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Knott's Berry Farm has tentatively penciled in a mid-July premiere for its new 301-foot-tall WindSeeker spinning swing ride after watching Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July debuts slip out of reach. Knott's recently topped off the new $5 million thrill ride, and crews are busy working on installing the electrical systems, with testing expected to begin in the next few weeks, officials said. Photos : Windseeker at Knott's, Cedar Point, Kings Island & Canada's Wonderland The Buena Park theme park got off to a late start on construction in January and watched the timeline get pushed back even further into the summer when a sister park experienced mechanical issues with an identical ride.
August 1, 2012 | By Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times staff writer
Knott's Berry Farm will add five new mazes for Halloween Haunt 2012, including an up-charge VIP maze that promises to substantially increase the scare-quotient from years past. Photos: Halloween Haunt 2012 at Knott's Berry Farm The 40th annual Knott's Scary Farm will start on Sept. 21 and run on select nights through Oct. 31. The granddaddy of Halloween events will feature 13 mazes and four scare zones scattered throughout the Buena Park theme park. As part of the 40th anniversary celebration, Knott's entertainment supervisor Jeff Tucker promises higher quality mazes with more scares and better set decorations.
Two animal rights protesters who chained themselves to the dolphin tank at Knott's Berry Farm last year were found guilty of trespassing Friday in Municipal Court in Fullerton. Gina Lynn, 24, of Costa Mesa and her mother, Sherry Trapp, 55, of Buena Park contend they were only trying to educate the public about mistreatment of dolphins at the amusement park when they staged their protest in May 1995.
Destructo is riding high. He's at the apex of the Knott's Berry Farm Timber Mountain log ride, pinned in a fiberglass tree trunk by a gaggle of screaming girls. It's his birthday, it's 2:30 a.m. New Year's day, and this is his party for 17,254 paying guests--the largest rave yet held in the United States. When he mentioned rave two years ago, he says, "Nobody would listen, not even my mom and dad."
May 20, 1999 | From Times staff and wire reports
Knott's Berry Farm will pay more than $13,000 by the end of the week to the city of Buena Park to reimburse it for police overtime and other costs incurred during the park's ill-fated Cinco de Mayo promotion. "We've always reimbursed them for costs," park spokesman Bob Ochsner said. "The only difference is that this wasn't planned." Thousands of teens ditched school May 5 to take advantage of Knott's 5-cent admission price. By 10 a.m.
October 12, 1989 | KENNETH WILLIAMS, Kenneth Williams is an editorial assistant in Calendar for The Times Orange County Edition.
Before it was all over, my clothes were a tattered confusion of shredded rags. The left side of my face was a purplish-black swollen mass of ruptured skin. A heavy, black three-inch bolt protruded from my cheek and jagged flaps of torn, blackened flesh oozed sticky rivulets of half-congealed blood. If this sounds like a typical Saturday night scene at the local trauma center, guess again.
December 30, 1997 | DARYL STRICKLAND, Daryl Strickland covers tourism and small and minority business issues for The Times. He can be reached at (714) 966-5670 and at
Mickey Mouse Jr. has outdistanced the original Mickey. Disneyland, the Anaheim theme park, has slipped from its perch as the continent's most popular theme park, surpassed by The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida. An estimated 17 million people visited the Magic Kingdom, up 23%, versus 14.2 million at Disneyland, down 5%, or about 700,000 people, according to Amusement Business, a Nashville-based trade journal. Disneyland's attendance declined for a couple of reasons.
Knott's Berry Farm has frozen the wages of its 3,000 employees because of projections of continued poor attendance, officials said Monday. The attraction, a Buena Park landmark since the 1930s, informed its workers in meetings and a subsequent letter that, for an indefinite time, no raises will be granted. The wage freeze, the first in recent memory, took effect Sunday and applies to all employees, including top management.
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