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July 22, 1990
What a pity that as interesting and important a book as Marjorie Perloff's "Poetic License" should have fallen into the hands of as limited and biased a reviewer as Thomas M. Disch! Clearly Disch lacks both the necessary sympathy and the knowledge with which to approach both the poetry and poetics of today. . . . PIERRE JORIS ENCINITAS
October 5, 1985
As a reader who greatly appreciates the insightful humor and crisp writing of Mike Downey, I am now also impressed with his knowledge of several sports. Specifically, his warnings to Larry Holmes four days before the fight with Michael Spinks. JERRY M. MOORE Los Angeles
June 8, 1986
For a book about the "spicy" line of pulp magazines (Spicy Detective, Spicy Mystery, etc.) published by Culture Publications in the 1930s, I would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge or examples of the stories and authors of this genre. SIDNEY ALLINSON 24 Ravencliff Crescent Scarborough, Ont.
June 1, 1986 | Eilis Dillon, Dillon is the translator from the Irish of "The Lament for Arthur O'Leary" by Eileen O'Connell, found in many anthologies. and
Daniel O'Connell was one of the great political figures of the 19th Century. His impact was not confined to Ireland. In the English House of Commons, he helped to establish the principle of democracy and also to gain voting rights for the Jews. In Ireland, he is still known and venerated for his tireless labor in the cause of Catholic emancipation and of repeal of the Act of Union (1801). He was successful only in the first of these objects.
July 28, 1991
It is extremely disturbing to hear an authority figure--(Judge Luis A. Cardenas; "Judge Likens Molestation Victim to 'Tart,' " July 19)--objectifying a 13-year-old victim to pastry. Not only was he blaming the victim--making her less than a human being but more than a young teen-ager--he once again perpetuated a very, very blinding misconception. Please allow me to set the record straight: Molestation has nothing to do with the victim's sexual knowledge, interest or experience; molestation is all about anger, control, violence and destruction.
January 7, 1988
As a CIGNA physician, I was horrified to read Al Martinez's column on Nov. 30. The horror resulted not from lack of response he got with his phone calls, but the lack of knowledge he displayed in calling the wrong people, and his abuse of power in writing the column. Mr. Martinez is obviously unaware that he called two clinics, which have nothing to do with the private practice model and have no knowledge of the method of obtaining any information concerning it. He could have just as well been calling about homeowner's insurance.
March 22, 1990
We are currently involved in a very tough knowledge war and our "Education President" is proposing to substantially hinder our efforts by cutting federal library funding by 71%. The winners in this war will be those countries who are strongest between the ears. Our competitors are very formidable--Western Europe, Canada, Japan, the industrialized countries of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Coming on fast are Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. We must remember that Sir Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is power," and not diminish our power.
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