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Larry Zarian

July 9, 1992
Term limits for City Council and Board of Education members will be discussed at Councilman Larry Zarian's monthly public forum at 7 tonight at City Hall, 613 E. Broadway. Mayor Carl Raggio, who opposes limits, will speak, as will a member of the committee in favor of limits. Headed by Jerry Milner, former Glendale mayor and councilman, the committee is trying to put a local initiative on the November ballot that would limit council and board members to two consecutive four-year terms.
May 14, 1992
The City Council on Tuesday adopted three ordinances implementing the South Brand Boulevard Specific Plan, which provides for ordered growth in the city's auto row. In a series of 4-0 votes, the council created seven new commercial zones and revised the Municipal Code, all effective in 30 days. Councilman Larry Zarian abstained because he owns commercial property in the plan area.
June 16, 1996 | Gregory Rodriguez, Gregory Rodriguez, associate editor at Pacific News Service, is a fellow at the Pepperdine Institute for Public Policy and the Alta California Research Center
When council member and former mayor Richard M. "Rick" Reyes first drove up Brand Boulevard in Glendale in 1959, he had the distinct feeling that a Latino kid from South-Central didn't belong there. Glendale was a stridently conservative bedroom community with a Midwestern flavor; it was 97% Anglo. Dancing in nightclubs was prohibited by law. Forest Lawn Memorial Park, the cemetery that had brought the city worldwide attention, did not bury nonwhites.
July 13, 1995
City Councilman Larry Zarian will lead a forum on homelessness at 7 p.m. today at Glendale City Hall. A coalition of city leaders and nonprofit organizations has been working on solutions to Glendale's homelessness problem for the past two years. Their efforts have led to the opening of a winter homeless shelter, a one-stop aid center for the homeless and very needy, and a new homeless shelter and aid center that is expected to open later this year.
November 10, 1994 | STEVE RYFLE
City Councilman Larry Zarian will discuss ethnic diversity in Glendale and the issues and problems associated with the city's changing demographics at a public forum tonight at City Hall. Once a homogenous bedroom suburb, Glendale saw its population grow by about 40,000 residents during the 1980s--many of whom were Middle Eastern immigrants. The city's present estimated population of about 184,000 includes a variety of people with roots around the globe, Zarian said.
December 10, 1992
Councilman Larry Zarian has been elected to the 13-member board of directors of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which will spend $184 billion in transportation funds in Los Angeles County over the next 30 years. The authority will be officially established Feb. 1 under state legislation that merges the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission and the Southern California Rapid Transit District.
June 25, 1993
Officials decided in a unanimous vote this week to appoint Councilman Richard Alatorre to serve as chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for one year. Alatorre has served as interim chairman of the MTA since the agency came into existence this year. "It's a challenge," he said. With Wednesday's vote, Alatorre will serve as chairman for a one-year term ending June 30, 1994.
October 14, 1993
A proposed independent, citywide audit of all departments to find ways for Glendale to operate more efficiently will be discussed in detail today at the monthly forum conducted by Mayor Larry Zarian from 7 to 9 p.m. at City Hall, 613 E. Broadway. Zarian said representatives of an ad-hoc committee appointed to select an audit firm will discuss details of the plan and hear recommendations from the public.
April 5, 1990
Councilman Larry Zarian, 52, was elected unanimously Tuesday to his second one-year term as Glendale's mayor. The council annually selects one of its five members to serve as mayor. The role is largely ceremonial, but the mayor presides over the weekly council meetings and represents the city on special occasions. Zarian, a developer of residential and commercial properties, was elected to the council in 1983.
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