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April 28, 2010 | By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times
For the first time in a quarter of a century, researchers have identified a new treatment for diabetic macular edema, a potentially blinding disorder that affects about 1 million Americans, researchers said Tuesday. The treatment uses a drug called ranibizumab, which when administered in combination with laser phototherapy is twice as effective at reversing vision loss as laser therapy alone. Laser therapy to prevent leakage of blood vessels in the retina has been the gold standard since it was introduced in 1985.
March 28, 2010 | By Kavita Daswani, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Keeping bikini-ready is a year-round priority in Southern California. But it's never been particularly fun. Depilatory creams are messy, waxing hurts, razors nick and lasers and electrolysis are pricey and painful. But good news: A new round of products, at-home gizmos and upgrades to existing salon treatments promise to make hair removal easier, less painful and more permanent. "It's been an evolution rather than a revolution," says Dr. Alex Martin, it medical director at Metropolitan Medical Care in Hollywood, which offers electrolysis.
March 26, 2010 | By Julian E. Barnes
Werner J.A. Dahm was strapped into the co-pilot's seat of a B-1 bomber as it shot straight for the sky and into a paralyzing barrel roll. An expert on aerodynamics, Dahm's mission was to determine whether the Cold War-era bomber could be outfitted with a futuristic laser beam capable of knocking out cellphone towers, disabling vehicles or destroying air defense systems. The most pressing issue: Could airmen crammed in a tiny cockpit control the high-tech weapon during the rigors of combat flight?
March 12, 2010 | By Mikael Wood
The hooded gold-lamé riding cape seemed like a good sign Wednesday night at the El Rey Theatre, where the English pop singer Little Boots played a sold-out show in support of her debut album, "Hands." Known to her parents and to the accounting staff at Elektra Records as Victoria Hesketh, Little Boots makes shiny, buzzing dance music that foregrounds her fascination with technology, and her El Rey concert actualized those gear-head tendencies. In addition to playing keyboard, she at various points strapped on a keytar, plucked out notes on a laser harp and constructed loops on a Tenori-On, a futuristic Japanese gizmo that resembles a kind of musical Lite-Brite.
February 23, 2010 | By Chris Foster
UCLA's basketball team received more bad news, as freshman forward Reeves Nelson underwent laser surgery on his left eye to repair a slight tear in his retina. Nelson will be reevaluated Wednesday to determine whether he will be able to play against Oregon State on Thursday. He injured his right eye Thursday, when he landed face-first on the court against Washington State, opening a gash that required 15 stitches. "The retinal tear was very far from his central and meaningful peripheral vision and will not affect his ability to see the court," Dr. Steven Schwartz said in a statement.
February 13, 2010 | By W.J. Hennigan
A flying Boeing 747 jumbo jet equipped with a massive laser gun shot down a Scud-like missile over the Pacific late Thursday night, marking what analysts said was a major milestone in the development of the nation's missile defense system. The test shoot-down at 8:44 p.m. over a military test range near Point Mugu is expected to renew debate over spending billions of dollars for a system that is years behind schedule and derided by some as irrelevant in today's conflicts. The test, which the Pentagon described as a success, could also help resuscitate an important military program for Southern California, where much of the high-tech system has been developed and tested.
October 10, 2009 | Kristin Hohenadel
You've probably seen cork flooring, perhaps cork tabletops too. But cork blinds? At 100% Design London, the annual contemporary architecture and interiors extravaganza held two weeks ago, the material turned up in the booth of the textile collective Puff & Flock. Designer Jo Angell had created the laser-cut Alight cork blinds decorated with the shapes of birds, leaves, acorns -- the elements of a cork forest. It's a design that "aims to raise the profile of cork with an elegant and tactile product," Angell said.
March 29, 2009 | Richard Rayner, Rayner is the author of many books, including "The Associates," "The Devil's Wind: A Novel" and the forthcoming "A Bright and Guilty Place."
World's End Pablo Neruda Translated from the Spanish by William O'Daly Copper Canyon Press: 96 pp., $15 paper -- "World's End," originally published in Spanish in 1969, toward the end of the career of the great poet Pablo Neruda (he died in 1973, soon after the coup that killed his friend and compatriot Chilean President Salvador Allende), is a book-length sequence that weaves together the personal and the political, the public and the private, the domestic and the global.
March 19, 2009 | Peter Pae
Northrop Grumman Corp. engineers in Redondo Beach have developed an electric laser capable of producing a deadly 100-kilowatt ray of light, a major milestone that is expected to help transform what was once a Buck Rogers space fantasy into reality.
January 26, 2009 | Peter Pae
At age 60, C. Kumar N. Patel had a resume of accomplishments few scientists could match. In a span of four decades, Patel invented the carbon dioxide laser, which revolutionized manufacturing and surgical procedures, obtained 38 patents and ran the physics and engineering departments at Bell Labs, a premier research operation historically attached to AT&T.
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