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Lauren Hutton

February 17, 2008 | Melissa Magsaysay, Times Staff Writer
Lauren HUTTON is sitting at her favorite Santa Monica coffee shop, voraciously reading the morning paper.
The new season of "The Magic School Bus" (KCET, Sunday at 7:30 a.m.) begins with "The Magic School Bus Meets Molly Cule." Wanda's favorite singer, Molly Cule (Wynonna Judd), chooses Ms. Frizzle's class to wash her car. In the second episode (at 8 a.m.), principal Ruhle (Paul Winfield) leaves his beloved chicken, Giblets, in Dorothy Ann's care. As soon as he is gone, Giblets flies away. For ages 2 to 5.
May 3, 1998 | IRENE LACHER
Now it can be told. Diana liked to nosh. "In 1980, Diana was a happy, well-adjusted, slightly plump young woman with a healthy appetite. . . . One evening as I was heating up a pot of beef stew I'd prepared the day before, I discovered that all the chunks of meat were missing. Diana had picked them out for lunch."
March 20, 1988
What a travesty and waste of time, money and talent was ABC's "Perfect People," starring Lauren Hutton and Perry King. It was filled with half-truths, untruths and downright lies about cosmetic surgery and life in general. It depicted a middle-age couple going through drastic life-style changes in search of youth, changes that might have killed them without proper medical advice. Maxwell A. Perro, Panorama City
February 16, 1992 | DEANNE STILLMA, Deanne Stillman is working on a book about surf culture, to be published by Dell
TO USE THE PARLANCE OF THE time, mythology is making a comeback. I'm not referring to such modern myths as: There's a giant alligator living in the sewers of Manhattan, Jimi Hendrix is alive and living on the same island as Jimmy Hoffa and Jim Croce, or Ted Koppel has no legs. I am referring to the ancient myths of Egypt, Greece and Rome--lore passed through the centuries by oracles, witches and pagans.
December 29, 1985 | John M. Wilson
When Stacy Keach resurfaces in "Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer," now shooting here, don't look for the private eye to go after any drug dealers. Ditto if there's a series pickup. Since Keach's conviction on cocaine charges and a six-month prison stretch in England, substance abuse has become too awkward as a story element. "Let's just say that as a priority, any story dealing with drugs would be at the bottom of our list," conceded Jay Bernstein, exec producer and Keach's manager.
January 7, 1996 | ELLEN MELINKOFF
Random House's Literary Breakfasts, at Barneys New York mad.61 restaurant, have become a hot ticket for anyone who loves to talk about books and authors. The panelists are a carefully chosen mix of literary figures, artists and colorful personalities. When the topic was "The Legacy of Dorothy Parker," Kitty Carisle Hart, Brendan Gill, Lauren Hutton, Beverly Sills and Charlie Rose were on the dais. Equally famous New Yorkers often turn up in the audience for the once-a-month 8:30 a.m. breakfasts.
February 17, 2008 | Melissa Magsaysay, Times Staff Writer
WITH Lauren Hutton's laid-back style as a guide, buying for spring has never been easier. The first step is finding a great pair of slouchy, lightweight, full-legged trousers. Then build around them, adding a floral accent such as a vibrant sweater from Dries Van Noten's stellar spring collection, a camp shirt from Phillip Lim or a shibori print blouse from Thakoon that looks as if it could have come from a land far away, instead of from Barneys. Forget the overdone "it" bag and go for something functional and timeless.
Stand-up comedian Bobcat Goldthwait pleaded no contest Wednesday to setting his chair on fire during the May 6 taping of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and was fined $3,888 and ordered to tape public-service announcements to promote a Canoga Park burn center.
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