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Law Enforcement Agencies

April 27, 2005 | Maggie Farley, Times Staff Writer
She is perhaps 12 now, her hair still light blond, but she doesn't smile anymore. Over the last three years, she has appeared in 200 explicit photos that have become highly coveted collectibles for pedophiles trolling the Internet. They have watched her grow up online -- the hair getting longer, the look in her eyes growing more distant. "She's a collector's item," says Det. Sgt. Paul Gillespie of the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit. "I know somebody out there could lead us to her.
March 12, 2001
* Napster has until Wednesday to block 135,000 songs from being swapped on the Internet. * Starting Friday, law enforcement agencies can fine businesses for not cutting back on outdoor lighting. * More Preview C2
Before it ended in a series of raids Wednesday, the hunt for the world's biggest cartel trafficking in the designer drug Ecstasy took an international consortium of law enforcement agents from the rave clubs of Hollywood through a host of European cities. For 15 months, the authorities--led by a Los Angeles-based team of FBI, DEA and Customs agents--played an elaborate cat-and-mouse game with Tamer Adel Ibrahim and his alleged associates.
August 7, 1997 | (Dow Jones)
Printrak International Inc. said it was selected by an alliance of law enforcement agencies in three New England states to supply and manage an automated fingerprint identification system valued at $2.7 million. The system involving Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont is scheduled to begin operating by the end of the year.
August 13, 1986
Six law-enforcement agencies were rewarded for their efforts to combat illegal drugs by sharing in $223,810 seized in 10 drug busts, the U.S. attorney's office announced Tuesday. Under a 1984 law, federal officials could for the first time repay law enforcement with as much as 90% of seized assets. The six law enforcement agencies received at least 80% of seizures from one 1984 case and nine 1985 cases.
December 5, 2002
Re "Sniper Suspects Slipped Past Authorities Time and Again," Nov. 30: This country needs a national police force. The disaster of the Washington-area snipers evading capture for so long underlines the ineffective, disjointed and bureaucratic makeup of our more than 14,000 law enforcement agencies that will not and cannot communicate with each other. Law enforcement agencies next door to each other have no idea what their neighbors are doing, let alone what is going on in another county or state that is hundreds or even thousands of miles away.
July 29, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Six Northern California counties are considering building a database for law enforcement agencies. Chico Police Chief Bruce Hagerty said the proposed database is "the big missing link in our homeland security system." It would allow officers in patrol cars and dispatch centers to instantly share information about offenders, suspects and incidents throughout the region. But critics question how it would be built and who should pick up the bill.
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