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June 27, 2004 | Thomas Lux
Light reaches through a leaf and that light, diminished, passes through another leaf, and another, down to the lawn beneath. Green, green, the high grass shivers. Water over a stone, and bees, bees around the flowers, deep-tiered beds of them, yellows and golds and reds. Saw-blade ferns feather in the breeze. And, just as a cloud's corner catches the sun, a tiny glint in the garden -- the milk of a broken stalk? A lion's tooth? Or might that be the delicate labia of an orchid?
February 15, 1998
by Robert Graves I had long known the diverse tastes of the wood, Each leaf, each bark, rank earth from every hollow; Knew the smells of bird's breath and of bat's wing; Yet sight I lacked: until you stole upon me, Touching my eyelids with light finger-tips. The trees blazed out, their colours whirled together, Nor ever before had I been aware of sky. From "Erotic Poems," selected and edited by Peter Washington (Everyman's Library/Alfred A. Knopf: 286 pp., $10.95)
September 1, 2005
RE "Sound and Fury in the Garden" [Aug. 18]: Letter writer Sally Johnstone is concerned about the dust that leaf blowers deposit on people's cars, homes, pools and birdbaths, but she left out the single most important dust catcher of all: our lungs! JAYCIE INGERSOLL Beverly Hills
July 24, 1986 | NANCY GRAHAM, Times Staff Writer
Big trees, strange plants and even deer tracks became props in an outdoor nursery last week when the Palisades-Malibu YMCA offered parents and their small children one of a series of Nursery Nature Walks scheduled for areas of the Santa Monica Mountains. Guides DeAnn Rushell, Judy Burns, Harriet Bennish and Andrea Pokono led a contingent of mothers and fathers, who pushed strollers or carried babies in backpacks, up a mountain trail in Temescal Canyon north of Sunset Boulevard.
October 28, 2004
I was so disappointed in Randy Lewis' pedestrian piece, "Exploring New Frontiers" [Oct. 21]. My gosh, he missed what makes "Has Been" great: humor! Folds and Shatner have created a masterpiece that creatively balances the gravity of real life and its absurdity. What about the comic "I Can't Get Behind That," in which Shatner and Henry Rollins trade heated gripes about leaf blowers and Valley girl talk to a wonderfully orchestrated Folds cacophony? Even if Shatner and Folds didn't intend this result (which I can't believe)
October 1, 2003
"Air Board Cracks Down on Lawn Mowers, Diesel Trucks" (Sept. 26) raises a question about statistical accuracy. I own a lawn mower, one of 14 million in use in California, according to the California Air Resources Board. The board goes on to state that these small-engine machines emit "152 tons of smog-forming fumes daily." I use my mower about twice a month during the summer, less in the winter. Is the board suggesting all 14 million mowers are used daily? And, just how does it weigh the fumes?
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