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Legendary Pictures

May 30, 2013 | By Richard Verrier
Further deepening ties between Hollywood and China, Legendary Entertainment's Chinese film venture has signed a multiyear agreement to co-produce movies with China's largest film distributor. This agreement with Legendary East marks the first time China Film Co. Ltd. has signed a long-term production deal with a Chinese or international partner. Formed in 2011, Legendary East is a spinoff of Legendary Pictures, the Burbank-based film finance and production company behind the "Dark Knight Rises" and "Hangover" movies, and the upcoming "Man of Steel.
February 25, 2014 | By Oliver Gettell
Bryan Cranston is not a happy camper in the newly released trailer for the upcoming "Godzilla" reboot, and given the widespread destruction all around him, it's easy to see why. As the video surveys downed planes, terrified crowds, smoldering wreckage and hovering military helicopters, a desperate Cranston, playing scientist Joe Brody, seethes. "You are not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster," he says. "You're lying. It was not an earthquake, it wasn't a typhoon.
August 6, 2012 | By Ben Fritz and John Horn
Warner Bros.' decision to delay the release of "The Great Gatsby" from December to next summer will give director Baz Luhrmann more time to finish its extensive 3D effects and a planned all-star soundtrack, according to two people close to the picture not authorized to speak publicly. The costly adaptation of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel was originally set to come out on Dec. 25. In a news release, studio executives said the move was made to give the film a higher-profile summer date.
October 1, 2013 | By Daniel Miller
Universal Pictures will release "Warcraft," a film from Legendary Pictures based on the best-selling video game franchise of the same name, on Dec. 18, 2015, the studio announced Tuesday afternoon. "Warcraft," to be directed by "Source Code's" Duncan Jones, is the first Legendary project to get a release date since the production company signed a deal  with Universal in July. Under terms of the arrangement,  Universal, a unit of NBCUniversal, will market, co-finance and distribute Legendary films for five years beginning in 2014.
April 14, 2013 | By Amy Kaufman
Jackie Robinson beat the odds again this weekend, as a film about the player who broke baseball's color barrier outperformed at the box office. "42," which tells the story of the first African American Major League Baseball player, debuted with a robust $27.3 million this weekend, according to an estimate from distributor Warner Bros. That figure far exceeded prerelease industry polling, which suggested the film would start off with about $21 million. The weekend's other new film, "Scary Movie 5," didn't have as much success at the box office.
February 4, 2013 | By Joe Flint
After the coffee. Before making sure my electric bill is paid up. The Skinny: I wonder if that blackout during the Super Bowl would have been as much fun without Twitter around for people to crack jokes and stay interested in the game. I just hope that Joe Flacco's swearing won't lead to another decade-long legal battle between CBS and the FCC. Monday's headlines include a recap of the weekend box office, a look at the sometimes tense relationship between Legendary Films head Thomas Tull and Warner Bros., and the challenges of trying to make historical films look right.
July 23, 2012 | By Amy Kaufman, Ben Fritz and Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times
Law enforcement officials plan to continue an undercover presence in Los Angeles-area movie theaters through at least Sunday, as"The Dark Knight Rises"opened to a very strong $249 million worldwide. There was only one reported incident this past weekend after police were posted in local theaters in an effort to reduce anxiety and prevent copycat crimes following Friday's massacre at a showing of the third film in   Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise in Colorado. A man waiting for the superhero film to begin at an AMC theater in Norwalk was arrested Sunday after fellow patrons reported that he became agitated and said, "I should go off like in Colorado," sheriff's deputies said.
July 26, 2012 | By Amy Kaufman
While two new movies will open Friday, all eyes will be on the second weekend performance of "The Dark Knight Rises," which will be dampened in part by moviegoer reluctance to go to the multiplex after last week's massacre in a Colorado theater. The final installment in director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, however, will again dominate the box office, though box-office experts believe some moviegoers will steer clear of theaters after last Friday's mass shootings at a post-midnight screening of "Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo.
March 17, 2008 | Josh Friedman, Times Staff Writer
Twentieth Century Fox's G-rated "Horton Hears a Who!" opened to an estimated $45.1 million at the weekend box office, the studio said Sunday, the latest potent performance by a movie aimed at family audiences. The animated picture, produced for about $90 million, follows a string of G- and PG-rated hits since the fall including Walt Disney Co.'s "Enchanted" and "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" and Fox's partly animated musical-comedy "Alvin and the Chipmunks."
June 17, 2013 | By Amy Kaufman
When "The Hangover Part III" opened with half as many ticket sales as its predecessor in May, it was clear American moviegoers had tired of the Wolf Pack.  But there was hope yet for Warner Bros. In the two years between the second and third "Hangover," the international marketplace expanded -- and the second installment had performed especially well for a R-rated comedy overseas. PHOTOS: Scenes from 'Hangover III' "If you look at the third movies of comedy trilogies -- 'Rush Hour,' 'Meet the Parents,' 'Austin Powers' -- honest to God, those movies tend to drop in their third film.
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