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October 30, 2011 | Deborah Netburn
The arrival of the "Lego Man" in America was like something out of a 3-year-old's dream. The 8-foot-tall, 100-pound fiberglass statue that resembles the little plastic guys that come in a Lego set was discovered bobbing gently in ankle-deep surf at Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Fla. The front of his shirt was emblazoned with a message in fractured English: "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE. " The name "Ego Leonard" was written on his back. The town of 52,000 is known for many things -- snowbirds; sport fishing; white sandy beaches; the influence of circus impresario Charles Ringling, who helped develop the area.
January 16, 1992 | AJOWA N. IFATEYO
Give Thomas Michon some Legos, and the 4-year-old won't just build you a house, he'll build a city. He has been building things with Legos, those tiny interlocking plastic blocks, for as long as he can remember--or since he was 3. His bedroom in his Irvine home has a French model train and a sleek, gray passenger train, all built--with help from his parents--out of Legos. Thomas has about 10,000 Lego bricks organized in four bins.
September 21, 1998 | AARON CURTISS
From the day man created his first hammer, he has wanted someone else to actually pound the nails. And although the word "robot" has been around only since Czech author Karel Capek coined it in 1921, stories of mechanical people built to take care of the most mundane tasks have captured the human imagination since antiquity.
May 25, 2008 | Christopher Reynolds, Times Staff Writer
The Legoland part you've figured out. And the going-to-the-beach part. But once your family has set its sights on a quick, kid-friendly trip to northern coastal San Diego County, there's still the question of where to sleep. Here's a round-up of several non-chain options in this little city -- all west of Interstate 5 and the railroad tracks, all handy to the Pacific, all within easy range of those thousands upon thousands of colored plastic building blocks.
May 4, 2013 | By Nita Lelyveld, Los Angeles Times
Arden Hayes is 5. He loves Legos and running so fast across the living room to flip onto the couch that his feet end up pointing at the ceiling. He also loves the presidents - especially 11 and 33. Arden knows all 44 U.S. presidents. In order. Ask him who was 29 and right away he'll say Warren G. Harding. As for 11 (James K. Polk) and 33 (Harry S. Truman), they're his favorites, he says, because "they're dark-horse candidates. " Also, Polk got us California, which happens to be Arden's home.
May 22, 2012 | By Deborah Netburn
Silicon Valley executive Thomas Langenbach, 47, was charged this week with four counts of second degree burglary after he allegedly put fake bar codes on Lego sets in Target stores so that they rung up at a deeply discounted price at the register. For example, on April 20 he allegedly paid $49.99 for a Millennium Falcon Lego set that retails for $139.99 and he bought an X-wing Starfighter Lego set for $19.99 that retails at Target for $59.99, police said. Langenbach allegedly sold the Lego sets for profit on Ebay, using the handle "Toms Brickyard.
February 14, 2014 | By Steven Zeitchik
One of the rich elements of "The Lego Movie" is its sense of place. For a fictional land, it has plenty of echoes of the real world. With a populace kept numb by plastic pop music, contrived reality TV and fast-food giveaways -- and a general sense that business interests trump nearly everything else -- the world dear Emmet and his friends occupy in the Phil Lord-Chris Miller picture has more than a little in common with modern-day America....
March 13, 2014 | By Betsy Sharkey
If you've resisted “The Lego Movie” for any reason, reconsider before it leaves the big screen. The little plastic blocks that have captivated kids and bedeviled vacuum cleaners and bare feet for generations absolutely fit their larger-than-life treatment. A script as smart as the animation helps. Together they create a massive collision of subversive humor, hyperkinetic energy, mind-jangling design and spinning colors with about 15 million Legos, no exaggeration. It is very tempting to use the movie's pounding pop anthem - "Everything Is Awesome" - to put this insane sensory experience into sound-bite perspective.
February 6, 2014 | By Richard Verrier
"The Lego Movie" already is blocking out a big following -- even before it has hit theaters. The computer-animated movie from Warner Bros., the first full-length feature film centered around the Lego toys, is on track to become Fandango's second-biggest advance ticket-seller among all animated films, behind Pixar's 2010 hit "Toy Story 3. " As of Thursday morning, Fandango's “Lego” sales are surpassing advance ticket sales for “Frozen,” “Despicable...
November 17, 2011
EVENTS And you thought playing with Legos was just a constructive way to spend a rainy afternoon. Turns out some children have been building them into fierce robots and will square off in a First Lego League Robotics Qualifying Tournament for a spot in the regional competition come December. This round hosted by California Lutheran University will feature 24 teams from local schools and their Lego minions, who will somehow carry out a task associated with this year's theme: food safety.
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