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March 2, 2010
'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' Where: NBC When: 11:35 weeknights Rating: TV-14 (may be unsuitable for children under the age of 14)
April 24, 2014 | By Patrick McGreevy
SACRAMENTO - Despite support from law enforcement including LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, a measure that would require smartphones to have enabled "kill switches" failed in a close vote Thursday in the California Senate. With the telecommunications industry, including Microsoft, lobbying hard against the bill, it failed on a 19-17 vote, two votes short of the tally needed for passage. It was granted a chance to come up for another vote in the future. Beck campaigned for the measure as a way to reduce often violent thefts of the phones that have increased more than 30% since 2011 in his city.
September 19, 2012 | By Mark Medina
Steve Nash began his first appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Tuesday night with self deprecation. "I'm Steve," he says, as if Lakers fans don't know already. "I'm from Canada. I can't sing. I don't like music or make hit records. What's most disappointing is I can't bake. " Nash then continued by allowing Leno to rib him about a young Phoenix Suns fan crying because Nash signed a three-year, $27-million deal with the team's division rival.
April 11, 2014 | By Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
Like many Americans last week, I greeted the news of David Letterman's retirement in 2015 with regretful acceptance. I love him with a love deep and true, but the man is pushing 70, and at least we could look forward to another year of his fine, cantankerous self. But now I cannot wait for him to go. From the moment it was announced Thursday that Stephen Colbert would be taking over "Late Show," I was ready to box up Letterman's stuff and move it myself. Because I have to know: Will Colbert change the nature of late night or will the bravest comedian on television just sell out?
December 1, 2009 | By MARY McNAMARA, Television Critic
Poor old NBC. There they sit with "The Jay Leno Show," TV's equivalent of that famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline, having called time of death on scripted drama and indeed traditional network television while all around them great new shows are popping up like the plague victim in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." "I'm not dead," says ABC with its new comedy lineup; "I'm getting better," says CBS with "The Good Wife" and "NCIS: Los Angeles." "I think I'll go for a walk," adds Fox with the runaway buzz generator "Glee."
September 16, 2009 | Scott Collins
Critics may have hated it, but Monday's premiere of "The Jay Leno Show" got a warm reception from viewers. Thanks in part to a newsworthy appearance from rapper Kanye West -- who drew widespread scorn for his behavior during the MTV Video Music Awards the previous night -- the former "Tonight Show" host's 10 p.m. comedy-variety show drew a surprisingly large crowd of 18.4 million total viewers, according to data from Nielsen Media Research....
October 25, 2003
WITHOUT challenge, Barbra Streisand, Fleetwood Mac and countless other Hollywood liberals have been whooping it up with Democratic victors for decades. But Jay Leno steps up with Schwarzenegger, and suddenly it's an "issue" fit for your front page ("Taking Sides?" by Lynn Smith, Oct. 20)? Give me a break. Sounds like sour grapes for Gray Davis losing. David Pierre Los Angeles IT was long before the advent of "Schwarzenegger for governor" that I noticed the burgeoning political slant on Leno's "Tonight Show."
March 17, 2013 | By Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles is at a disadvantage competing with Las Vegas, New York and Miami for tourists who want a lively nightclub scene because of a California law that cuts off alcohol sales at 2 a.m., a state lawmaker contends. State Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) has introduced legislation that could extend the last call for alcohol in some California cities until 4 a.m. "This legislation would allow destination cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego to start local conversations about the possibility of expanding night life and the benefits it could provide the community by boosting jobs, tourism and local tax revenue," Leno said.
March 3, 2009 | Patrick McGreevy
Just days before the matter is to be taken up by California's Supreme Court, the state Senate approved a resolution Monday calling Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage, an improper revision of the Constitution because it was not approved by the Legislature. Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) said the initiative is a fundamental revision to the document, not an amendment, and therefore requires deliberation by the Legislature and a two-thirds vote of both houses to put it on the ballot.
February 27, 2013 | By Patrick McGreevy
Charging that the "war on drugs" has failed, state Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) has introduced legislation that would allow prosecutors to file misdemeanor instead of felony charges in cases of simple possession of heroin, cocaine and other hard drugs. Leno was joined Wednesday by representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union of California and NAACP in announcing the legislation, which he predicted could save up to $200 million a year by avoiding having to keep offenders behind bars.
March 12, 2014 | By Joe Flint
After the coffee. Before deciding if what I really want to do is direct. The Skinny: Just bought the book "Kitty Genovese: The Murder, the Bystanders, the Crime that Changed America. " I'll give you a full report when I finish. I've always been fascinated by that case. Today's roundup includes Anne Sweeney's exit from a top TV position at Walt Disney Co. Also, Bill Maher sticks up for pal Jay Leno.  Daily Dose: Although there will soon be no more Time Inc. at Time Warner, don't look for the media giant to rethink its name.
February 27, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Jay Leno couldn't stay away from late night for long. On Wednesday night, the former "Tonight Show" host popped up on Arsenio Hall's late-night show for a surprise appearance. Leno, looking a little less coiffed than his days as "Tonight Show" host, snuck up on Hall during his monologue to deliver some exciting news: Hall's show was picked up for a second season. Great news for Hall, but it still visibly bugged him that Leno knew the news before he did. "How are you so juiced into everything?"
February 14, 2014 | By Meredith Blake
NEW YORK - Outside Studio 6B at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the once and future home of "The Tonight Show," the smell of fresh paint and sawdust fills the air. Visitors to one of the last tapings of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" are led up a back staircase by an NBC page, winding carefully past dusty drop cloths and dumpsters piled with construction waste. FOR THE RECORD: Jimmy Fallon: A Feb. 16 article about new "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon said that the program was returning to the same NBC New York studio where it resided for its first 15 years before Johnny Carson took the show to Burbank.
February 7, 2014 | By Joe Flint
After the coffee. Before getting into the Olympic spirit. The Skinny: I typically haven't been much of an Olympics guy but I will give it a shot. But if I'm not hooked, I guess I can use the next two weeks to catch up on everything I'm supposed to watch. Friday's roundup includes the weekend box office preview, reviews of Jay Leno's final show and, of course, Olympic stories. By the way, I'm watching Leno's final show on my computer while I type this. Technology is something, isn't it?
February 7, 2014 | By Robert Lloyd, Television Critic
Thursday night, for the second time, Jay Leno resigned his commission on "The Tonight Show," which he had captained from 1992, with time off for Conan O'Brien. A victim of time, of corporate self-interest and the phenomenon that is his successor, Jimmy Fallon, he left this time without a fight. He went gently out of that late night. There are two ways, roughly speaking, to face the end of the world. You go crazy and forget the rules - or you do what you always have done, show up for work, cook the dinner, clean the house.  PHOTOS: A day on set with Jay Leno There was a moderate amount of crazy over the course of Leno's last hour, but it was mostly business as usual, with old friends, talking about old times, on familiar ground, telling the same kinds of jokes about the expected subjects.
February 7, 2014 | By Ryan Faughnder
Jay Leno went out with a bang. According to preliminary Nielsen numbers, 14.6 million people watched Leno hang it up as host of NBC's "Tonight Show. " It was the biggest audience Leno has had in more than 15 years. The last time "The Tonight Show" averaged more viewers was the night of the "Seinfeld" series finale in May, 1998. That episode, which featured Jerry Seinfeld as a guest, brought in nearly 15 million people. PHOTOS: Jay Leno's career in pictures It was Leno's fourth-largest "Tonight Show" audience ever.
July 11, 2013 | By David Lazarus
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation giving California consumers more protection from unfair debt-collection practices. The Fair Debt Buying Practices Act, authored by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), requires debt collectors to verify that an obligation is real before going after consumers. Similar protections already exist at the federal level, but the state bill is more specific in its requirement that collectors go the extra mile in making sure money is owed. "Completely innocent Californians have been victimized by this industry," Leno told me. "At a time when we're coming out of a deep economic crisis, this is insult to injury for many families.
December 15, 2002
Davis Not Running In spite of the fact that California has rung up a $21-billion deficit (and still growing) on his watch, Gov. Gray Davis nixed a run for the presidency in 2004, saying he wants to "leave this state better off than I found it" (Dec. 11). Does Jay Leno write his stuff? John L. Brodhead Sr. La Canada So Davis isn't going to run for president. I guess in that case I should publicly announce that I'm no longer a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm certain that we both had about the same chance of winning.
February 5, 2014 | By Scott Collins
Thursday night is the end for "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. " After 22 years, the 63-year-old host is leaving NBC's legendary late-night talk show and handing over the reins to Jimmy Fallon. The Times recently spoke with Leno backstage at "Tonight" about his departure, his thoughts on comedy and the Conan O'Brien fiasco of four years ago, and what he'll do next. Here are some excerpts from the conversation: You've said that leaving "Tonight" now feels "about right. " But I can't imagine you're happy.
February 4, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
One more week to go under the Jay Leno regime on "The Tonight Show" and the new guy, Jimmy Fallon, hopped a cross-country flight to pay his respects at the show's soon-to-be-former Burbank home. Despite the apparent awkwardness of Leno - who would rather continue hosting the show if he had a say - chatting with the man who took his job, it seemed Fallon and Leno got along well enough. Though Leno couldn't help but get in a few digs at his boyish successor. Leno started the digs early in his monologue, telling the crowd, "He isn't here to talk.
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