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July 28, 2012
The Times receives between 500 and 1,000 printable letters each week, of which we publish about 70 among six pages. Though the letters draw plenty of eyeballs, they seldom draw huge volumes of response. But sometimes, a few words of the weekly thousands change that. In his July 22 letter responding to a Times editorial supporting abortion rights, reader Vincent Sheehy wrote: "Sex is for procreation. If a woman does not want to become pregnant, she should refrain from sexual activity.
August 29, 2013
Re "Stark gap in views on racial equality," Aug. 23 Surely no one is shocked that, according to a recent Pew Research Center report, a majority of whites in the U.S. believe racism is a non-issue. Asking whites about racism only reflects wishful thinking that the problem of race has gone away, but this warrantless belief has no objective value in the discussion of race. It puzzles me why there continue to be studies showing what we already know: that no person can intuit another's experience.
April 12, 2010
'Letters to God' MPAA rating: PG for thematic material Running time: 1 hour, 50 minutes Playing: In limited release
November 10, 2013
Re "France is having a midweek crisis," Column One, Nov. 6 The controversy over French children having to attend class on Wednesdays brought to mind a quote by a friend - a teacher - who once said, "The mind can only absorb what punishment that the fanny can take. " Too many hours during a single sitting do not necessarily translate to productivity. Rich Flynn Huntington Beach ALSO: Letters: Justice poorly served Letters: Legalizing street vendors Letters: Prayer and the Supreme Court
March 26, 2014
Re “Jonah Goldberg,” Opinion, March 25 Six words in the lower right corner of the Opinion section brightened a gloomy morning: “Jonah Goldberg has the day off.” Tom Turnley Santa Ana More letters to the editor ...  
October 18, 2013
Re “Redskins: No harm, no foul,” Opinion, Oct. 15 I too think that the Washington Redskins should change their name. Recently I've become highly offended by the word “Washington.” Richard Schultz Sherman Oaks More letters to the editor ...
March 23, 2014
Re "Army general gets no jail in sex case," March 21 Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair is a sexual predator who has been afforded access and cover by the authority of his position and rank within the military. The slap on the wrist he received sends a powerful message throughout the military that the good-old boys' club is alive and well. Sinclair's lenient punishment is an outrage that we can't afford to tolerate and a clear indication that justice can't be served within the military when it comes to sexual predation.
July 3, 2012
Re " The challenge in Mexico ," Editorial, July 1 Every time I read about Mexican politics, I can't help but squirm. We sell the guns and we buy the drugs that are causing so much misery in that country. I wish we were a better neighbor, and I wish our actions more often matched our ideals. I wonder if people there ever consider building a border fence to keep the U.S. out? Joanne Zirretta Aliso Viejo ALSO: Letters: A new water war Letters: Do we need nuclear?
March 27, 2014
Re “Welcome, Professor Bieber,” Opinion, March 25 Fortunately (or unfortunately) we live in a time and place of almost unlimited choices as to what we ingest in both mind and body. We have access to junk food and healthful food, Internet garbage and Internet gems, TV treasures and TV trash. “Reality” and “entertainment” shows fuel our fascination with stardom and almost anyone who is in the public eye. Our obsession with fame has no doubt contributed to the rise in narcissism (think Lance Armstrong and Lindsey Lohan)
August 23, 2012
Re "Police find pot plants," Aug. 22 On the front page of Wednesday's LATExtra section, there was a photo of many heavily armed, helmeted police officers. Are they after a murderer? An armed robber? A child molester? Goodness no; they arrested about 100 marijuana plants. I feel so much safer now. Ann Bourman Los Angeles ALSO: Letters: Making the call on an eruv Letters: Privacy in the modern world Letters: Teachers, unions and students
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