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Libraries Finances

August 13, 1993 | FRANK MESSINA
A library survey has confirmed what many in the city already knew--that a slim majority of residents favor selling bonds to build a new library. What the City Council has learned from the survey of 500 residents is how to appeal to the two-thirds majority needed to pass a municipal bond measure.
Rebounding from a fiscal close call, organizers of the San Juan Capistrano Regional Library's popular performing-arts series have raised enough money both to mount a complete season next year and to avoid curtailing its current season. Backers of the San Juan Capistrano Multicultural Performance and Visual Arts Series of concerts, plays and readings launched a fund drive after learning in July that the County of Orange had eliminated its support for the program because of its own budget woes.
June 23, 1993 | Dana Parsons
Don't get him wrong. It's not that Bill Griffith wants to rain on anyone's parade. Or, even that he could if he did want to. Oh, and by the way, hold on to your hats, because the parade is about to begin now that Anaheim has cleared the way for the $3-billion Disneyland Resort. No, it's probably more to the point to say that the 69-year-old Griffith will be a silent bystander, watching the floats and smiling at the revelers celebrating the city's leap into the 21st Century.
December 16, 1993 | REBECCA BRYANT
The Granada Hills Library will be putting a few more new books on its shelves thanks to a group that spends every Saturday in front of the building selling old ones. The Friends of the Granada Hills Library on Monday gave the institution $15,000 it has raised over the past year, sorting and selling used paperbacks and hardbacks that are donated by library patrons or the library itself. The Friends, a group of volunteers who sort books throughout the week and show up at 7 a.m.
July 2, 1993 | HELAINE OLEN
The Friendly Stop, a library branch established in the city's Cypress Barrio to reach out to the area's Latino teen-agers, closed Thursday as the result of a temporary funding shortage. The library has received a Community Development Block Grant of $34,000 for fiscal 1993-94 from the federal government. But city officials are not expected to have the money in hand until mid-August, leaving the library without operating funds.
July 21, 1993 | JEFF SCHNAUFER
Sy Rimer was dressed for a funeral Tuesday, but he hoped it would not be his. He and fellow workers at two of the four county library branches in the Valley donned black clothes and armbands for a day of mourning across the library system. "We want to mark that this may be a funeral for libraries if the county doesn't save us," said Rimer, community library manager for the Las Virgenes Public Library.
July 17, 1993 | HELAINE OLEN
The Friendly Stop, a library branch established in the city's Cypress barrio to reach out to the area's Latino teen-agers, will be open under limited hours for the remainder of the summer. The library, at 615-A N. Lemon St., will be open Monday through Thursday from 2 to 5:30 p.m. It will no longer be open to the public Saturday. The cutback is the result of a temporary funding shortage.
July 1, 1993 | GEOFF BOUCHER
Even as county library branches prepare to scale back services dramatically, the Board of Supervisors this week gave final approval to the purchase of a $2.34-million computer system that will allow home computer access to magazine articles and library indexes. The county is cutting $3.8 million from its library budgets, meaning significantly shorter hours, fewer new books and potential layoffs at all 27 branches in the county system.
July 9, 1993 | CARMEN VALENCIA
As a 17-year patron of the county library in San Fernando, Juanita Garcia feels compelled to wage a last-ditch effort to keep the facility from suffering the loss of two librarians and deep cuts in services. This is the place, after all, where she had access to books that she could not afford to buy and where she and her three children have spent countless hours doing research for school reports.
October 8, 1993 | DEBRA CANO
A majority of trustees for the local library district have agreed to explore alternatives to providing the community with library service. Acting Wednesday night, the trustees favored going ahead with a $10,000 study on future library service amid state funding cutbacks that are threatening the library district, which takes 85% of its funding from property tax revenues. However, two trustees, Helen M. Bohen and Edward A.
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