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September 29, 1996
Censoring ideas and points of view should not be tolerated, but to allow or disallow a book of lies, and a theory based on those lies, is not a free speech issue ("Library Staff Asked to Censor Book," Sept. 26). When a public library supported by tax dollars is asked to stock this book, it carries far more serious consequences. I would like for this malcontent, Gary L. Wean, to tell me to my face that the Holocaust is a "scam." I have lost seven aunts and uncles and about 40 cousins to Hitler's crematoriums and the Warsaw Ghetto, so it's not a point of view he is espousing, it's an outright lie. Nor should his hatred and scapegoating of "Jew judges" be tolerated, much less expressed in our public library.
August 20, 1995
With today's threats and actual closings of public libraries, what a pleasure to read "Well-Versed in the Pleasures of a Neighborhood Library," Michelle Williams' reminiscences in general and the news in particular that a new library is opening in Venice (Aug. 6). There's still hope for today's youth, our neglected senior citizens and anyone in between. I can still recall my mother taking me to our neighborhood public library for the first time. It began my love affair with the library and its quiet, academic atmosphere that has continued throughout my life.
February 9, 1996
Money Magazine and some retirement publications rate the desirability of a place to live in part by the size and hours of the local library. The quality of the library, in other words, is considered a very important aspect of the cultural background of any community. Yet, in spite of the gains in the educational library facilities, we are having a difficult time keeping the public library in Camarillo and other county communities open full time because of a severe shortage of money.
April 26, 2002
Re "2 Nixon Daughters, 1 Big Feud," April 23: I was somewhat astounded about how Richard Nixon's daughters, Tricia and Julie, were engaged in a family fist-fight over the control of the Nixon library in Yorba Linda. I was never a fan of President Nixon, but I visited the library a couple of years ago. The nine-acre setting is elegant and appropriate. The staff was courteous and informative. The exhibits were interesting, and on the subject of the Watergate scandal, the library doesn't pull any punches.
May 9, 2000 | FAYE FIORE
To say that the Library of Congress is a stately place is epic understatement. It is the think tank for Congress, the home to the poet laureate, repository for the papers of 23 American presidents and the world's largest library, period. Hardly the sort of place one would expect to find 70 years of memorabilia from a beloved song and dance man with a ski-jump nose, not to mention a computerized catalog of 88,000 of his best jokes.
March 29, 1992 | CHRISTINA V. GODBEY and Items can be mailed to People, Los Angeles Times, Suite 200, 1717 4th St., Santa Monica.
The Beverly Hills Library celebrated Persian New Year recently with a gala party. On hand to celebrate March 19 were more than 150 people from the community and numerous city officials. But the highlight of the evening was Beverly Hills resident Massood Haroonian's presentation of a collection of Persian books. The formal presentation coincided with Persian New Year, also known as "Now Rooz," which is held each year on the eve of the vernal equinox.
November 8, 2002
Re "In Egypt, a Bastion of Learning Rises From the Ashes of History," Nov. 5: President Hosni Mubarak is quoted as saying that rebuilding the new Alexandria library is "a call to terminate violence, tension and all sorts of terrorism." This is hypocritical in view of the presentation during Ramadan of the TV miniseries based on the fraudulent "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," showing that Jews are in a conspiracy to take over the world. This is being done at a time when most Egyptians will be home, which will garner a huge audience for this spurious presentation and will promote more anti-Semitism.
January 11, 2014 | By Lauren Beale
A red-brick driveway leads to this Paul Revere Williams-designed Tudor set along the water of Toluca Lake. The elegant formal entry and the library, with its wood-beam ceiling and built-in bookcases, are in keeping with the architect's traditional style. Location: 9956 Toluca Lake Ave., Toluca Lake 91602 Asking price: $8 million Year built: 1938 House size: Five bedrooms, six bathrooms, 7,228 square feet Lot size: 1.02 acres Features: Dark wood flooring, recessed lighting, leaded windows, intricate molding, curved staircase, bar, wine cellar, covered patio, outdoor fireplace, gazebo, swimming pool, private dock About the area: In the first half of 2013, 84 single-family homes sold in the 91602 ZIP Code at a median price of $842,000, according to DataQuick.
December 28, 1987 | PHILIPP GOLLNER, Times Staff Writer
Novelist Thomas Mann called it "truly a castle by the sea." Bertolt Brecht was a regular visitor there. Aldous Huxley used to drop in now and then. Charlie Chaplin, too. Villa Aurora, a 22-room, Spanish-style mansion nestled in the hills of Pacific Palisades, served as a meeting place for many of Germany's greatest artists and intellectuals who fled Adolf Hitler and moved to Los Angeles in the 1930s and '40s, and their American friends.
April 11, 1986 | DENNIS McLELLAN, Times Staff Writer
As an annual literary salon, it is probably as diverse a group of authors as might be assembled under one roof. It's an opportunity for Elizabeth Chater, author of "Runaway Debutante," to meet K. Kit Sum, author of "Switch Mode Power Conversion," and for Maureen McClintock Rischard, author of "The Centennial History of Tustin Presbyterian Church," to meet T. Jefferson Parker, author of "Laguna Heat."
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