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Life Style

October 4, 1987
Someone forgot to ask the crucial question: What is your net worth, Shirley? Don't you need another big score to recharge your high-energy life style? When privileged personalities preach spiritual awareness for the masses, run for the hills. Who benefits from this well-orchestrated personality parade? Not the masses, no way. Tom Tomeoni Rancho Palos Verdes
January 11, 1986
Jim Murray should have remembered that this was merely a football game, in which one team on one day displayed better athletic talents than the other, not a forum justifying a tacky and petty slander of a people and a life style. DAVE STANDLEA Upland
May 17, 1994
My blissful time alone when I was a young mother was after I'd put my children to sleep. I'd sit down in a stuffed armchair and watch television and knit . That was my best therapy. Now that I'm 80 years old, I still do it and find it very relaxing and soothing with all the troubles in the world. --ANNA FLEISHMAN, Los Angeles Let us know what you do in your Downtime. Send 100 words or less to Los Angeles Times, Life & Style, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, Calif.
December 17, 1989
I only want to dispute Lou Sheldon's remark that the program should be ended because it does not give the gay student "any other alternative viewpoint." I realize this man is no Einstein, but give me a break. When we are constantly bombarded by half-naked heterosexual couples selling us everything from suppositories to life insurance, I believe there are enough suggestions of alternative life styles. With 3,000 teen-agers getting pregnant every day in this country, I'd say the life style message is loud and clear.
May 23, 1989 | From Associated Press
America's Junior Miss pageant is changing its name to the America's Young Woman of the Year program. "America's Young Woman of the Year is more contemporary and meaningful to today's life style," Executive Vice President R. C. (Buddy) Lauten said Monday. He said the change was made in response to complaints that beauty pageants are outdated and exploit women, and he said it will help contestants "better serve as role models for the people about them."
May 31, 1987
The Orange County Council on Aging will present its first Golden Age Award to L. C. (Bob) Albertson, president of Presley of Southern California, Irvine, at 7 p.m. Friday at the Irvine Hilton. Albertson is being honored for his "significant contribution to the senior community" and for enhancing the life style of older people, according to Thomas E. Blum and Thomas H. Nielsen, co-chairman of the council.
May 21, 1987 | From Reuters
This country is surveying the health and "sociological state" of people aged 100 or more to discover the secrets of longevity, the official Hungarian news agency MTI said Wednesday. On top of genetic factors, Budapest's Semmelweis Medical University is paying particular attention to environment, life style, the earlier occupation and present activity of the people concerned. There are estimated to more than 200 centenarians among Hungary's population of 10.6 million, MTI said.
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