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March 18, 1992
Keep watching, keep listening: As soon as the Republicans gain a majority in the Legislature, they will spearhead a movement to abolish term limits. JAMES SPADA Los Angeles
May 25, 2002
Thank you so much for the excellent article on Saul Levine and radio station KMZT-FM ("A Maverick Goes Against the Tide Again," by Steve Carney, May 17). Almost my entire knowledge of classical music has been learned from listening to his excellent station. I am so grateful for the hours of pleasure I've had listening to KMZT at home and in my car. Now I find Levine's profits are "extremely modest." So, more than ever in this day of company owners caring only about profits, my heartfelt thanks to Levine and his wife, Anita.
November 1, 2009 | TIMES WIRE REPORTS
A determined Colorado man found his missing cellphone at a trash dump by repeatedly dialing the number and listening for the ring. Billy Boyd said that he dropped the phone Tuesday while raking his yard outside Aspen and unknowingly scooped it into a bag of leaves. He said he didn't realize his mistake until after he left the leaves at a city recycling center. After half an hour of dialing, listening and sifting at the dump, Boyd found his phone.
July 18, 1992
Hilburn is not alone in his response to Bolton's musical detonation. I happen to work in an office where the P.A. pipes in one of those "easy listening" stations. But the listening is never easy when a Bolton number comes up in the all-too-frequent rotation. If love is supposed to hurt, Bolton must have it really bad. I just don't know how he can hold a microphone and sing at the same time. KEVIN GILLOGLY Van Nuys
November 24, 2004
Re "Powell's Talk of Arms Has Fallout," Nov. 19: So here we are listening to Iranian exiles telling us about weapons of mass destruction being built by the current regime and apparently our government is listening again. How many times do we fall for the same gag? How many more young Americans need to die? I need more proof than statements from people who have so much to gain from having our troops do their dirty work for them. Larry Berardino Redondo Beach
December 3, 2005
Local basketball team acquires two veterans. Team has great start; town is buzzing. Sound familiar? Wonder how the team will wind up after it gets sick of listening to Gary Payton ... I mean Sam Cassell. DAVID WILCZYNSKI Redondo Beach
March 25, 2006
Why is it that whenever I hear Terrell Owens' agent Drew Rosenhaus speak, I feel like I'm listening to Baghdad Bob give war updates to the Iraqis? DAVE ENG Thousand Oaks
December 6, 1994
Re "GOP Targeting Huge Punitive Damage Awards," Nov. 25: If you really want to reform the legal system, either make the attorneys pay for frivolous lawsuits or limit their fees. Only then will you see a reduction in liability cases. Hello! Is anyone listening? SCOTT HAYS Tustin
May 5, 1993
Hooray for Patrick J. Buchanan! ("America Has No Business in Bosnia," Column Right, April 27). From the din of the saber-rattling morons in Washington emerges, at last, the voice of sanity and well-informed, rational thought. I truly hope that President Clinton is listening. SCOTT M. PATTERSON Upland
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