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Liz Smith

September 21, 2002
So that dysfunctional, foul-mouthed, unintelligible, drug-laced family, "The Osbournes," wins an Emmy for best TV reality show (Liz Smith column, Sept. 18)? Now that's just plain unreal! HERB STARK Massapequa, N.Y.
January 8, 2004
This week, Calendar introduces redesigned Comics Plus pages. No comics have been eliminated. They're reorganized so that comics that share similar readers are grouped together. As part of the changes, the Crossword Puzzle, Bridge, Astrology and Liz Smith now appear on the first Comics Plus page.
May 18, 1991
Julie Andrews was identified by Liz Smith as a two-time Tony Award winner (April 25). This is incorrect. Andrews, nominated for "My Fair Lady," lost out to Judy Holliday in "Bells Are Ringing," and her performance for "Camelot" lost out to Elizabeth Seal in "Irma la Douce." REGGIE WILSON Los Angeles
March 16, 1993 | Reuters
To find out more about Britain's royal family, you might try the latest in trading cards. A Dallas company plans to issue a 110-card Royal Family collection, featuring photos and illustrations depicting the lives of the princes and princesses and tabloid-style copy written by gossip columnist Liz Smith. The trading cards will include several subsets, including one devoted to revelations of love affairs and other scandals that have rocked Buckingham Palace.
August 14, 1999
Re Liz Smith's column "Was Telling This Tale Necessary?" (Aug. 11): What do you suppose would prompt a matronly ex-movie star to write a biography in which she denigrates a former lover? Esther Williams, whose acting abilities always remained in the pool, has obviously been in denial all these years regarding her dalliance with Jeff Chandler. Having known Jeff quite well, I am sure he felt that there should be a slight touch of femininity in their relationship. Jeff had a great sense of humor.
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