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Locker Room

November 7, 2000 | DIANE PUCIN
The Mighty Ducks' locker room is filled with people from Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belarus. And the United States. But mostly these hockey players are from somewhere else and they will not be voting today in the U.S. election. So as a public service, and to take their minds off a certain dispiriting trip against two bad teams that resulted in one lousy point, the question was posed to some Mighty Ducks Monday: What do you think about our presidential candidates?
October 11, 2005 | David Wharton, Times Staff Writer
The clock ticks down to the end of the first half and the Arizona players have to be feeling good. They came into Saturday's game at the Coliseum as heavy underdogs but trail by only a touchdown as they walk off the field and into the tunnel. Then comes a ruckus. The favored USC team runs up from behind, hollering, cleats banging on cement. The Arizona players turn to look, surprised, as the Trojans jostle past.
October 25, 1991 | T.J. SIMERS, TIMES STAFF WRITER
Those crazy, crazy Chargers. They're not only getting beat each week, but now that they have reached the midway mark of another forgettable season, they have taken to beating on each other. The Chargers aren't saying much about linebacker Leslie O'Neal's halftime locker room attack Sunday on linebacker coach Mike Haluchak, but Coach Dan Henning's increasing disenchantment with O'Neal has become very obvious.
January 30, 1994 | MARK HEISLER
The Fugitives: Somewhere, two desperate men cringe, listening for the sound of hounds on their trail, to be followed by a blinding searchlight and a voice on a bullhorn: "Come on out! We know you're in there!" It's the Knicks' Truth Squad. These are dark days, what with two cowardly, sniveling anonymous Knick players telling the New York Daily News that Coach Pat Riley's 99-point-a-night offense lacks imagination.
October 5, 1990 | From Associated Press
Sam Wyche was hit with the largest fine ever levied against an NFL coach today by Commissioner Paul Tagliabue for excluding a woman reporter from the Cincinnati Bengals' locker room. Tagliabue levied a fine equal to 1/17th of Wyche's annual salary, estimated at $500,000. That would mean it would cost him nearly $30,000 for barring Denise Tom of USA Today from the locker room after Monday night's 31-16 loss at Seattle.
Sounding weary but still willing to fight, Cincinnati Bengal Coach Sam Wyche Wednesday continued his one-man campaign to keep female sportswriters away from naked players in the locker room. Speaking on a conference call with reporters, Wyche, whose team will play the Rams Sunday, defended his decision to bar a female reporter from the Bengals' locker room after Monday's loss in Seattle and proposed other methods for them to do their jobs.
Flipper Anderson has spent most of this season streaking down sidelines of football fields all over the country. Of course, a lot of the time he was a decoy to divert attention from Henry Ellard. But Sunday in Giants Stadium, Anderson ran with the ball in the end zone. And up the tunnel. And all the way to his locker. He ran the Rams all the way to San Francisco for the NFC championship game.
October 2, 1990 | From Associated Press
Cincinnati Bengals Coach Sam Wyche barred a female reporter from his team's locker room Monday night, just hours after the NFL named an investigator to look into the alleged sexual harassment of another woman reporter. Denise Tom of USA Today was barred from the Cincinnati locker room after the Bengals' 31-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Tom said a security guard blocked her from entering the room, telling her, "This is a very sensitive time. I don't make the rules."
March 15, 2005 | Jube Shiver Jr., Times Staff Writer
Indecency critics were thrown for a loss by federal regulators Monday over their complaints about ABC's racy "Monday Night Football" skit in November featuring actress Nicollette Sheridan and football star Terrell Owens. The Federal Communications Commission concluded "the episode is not sufficiently explicit or graphic to be deemed indecent."
January 30, 2000 | By SCOTT HOWARD-COOPER,
The latest UCLA meltdown wasn't only for public viewing, going internal this time in a three-minute postgame locker room tirade from a senior tri-captain who spoke of time running out. He might not have meant only on his career.
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